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5 Reasons the unreleased Storm 2 is better than the Storm 1

September 1, 2009 | By | 8 Comments

It’s not like Storm lovers didn’t need another reason to buy the un-released BlackBerry Storm 2, but trusty Youtube buddy Salomondrin has just posted a new Storm 2 video, which shows 5 reasons why its better than the first Storm. In case you’ve missed out on all the Storm 2 goodness lately. It’s been showed […]

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Video: iPhone 3G gets shot several times, then set on fire..

August 13, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

I must admit I’m usually not one for posting stuff about other products, such as the iPhone, but this video was just too sweet. It seems a very angry iPhone user decided to take his Beretta 9mm handgun and shoot his iPhone 3 times, then burn it to ensure its dead. The iPhone owner appears […]

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BlackBerry Curve 8520 gets toren apart on video!

August 7, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

The folks at NationLink Wireless have torn apart the new BlackBerry Curve 8520. They have provided detailed instructions on how to dissemble the new Curve screw by screw. The 8520 is the latest in the Curve family featuring the new Optical trackpad, full QWERTY keyboard, dedicated media keys and 2.0 megapixel camera with no flash. […]

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HOT! BlackBerry Onyx 9020 Unboxing Video!

July 7, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

I know we’ve been covering a lot of BlackBerry Tour news, but for all of your who are 3G GSM users this one is for you! The hot unreleased BlackBerry Onyx 9020 has been unboxed on video. Ronen over at BerryReview has sent a tip about this video on Youtube showing off this hot new […]

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6 New BlackBerry Storm videos!!

October 20, 2008 | By | Add a Comment

I know it seems everything is so BlackBerry Storm related lately and I’m sorry to those who are sick of it. But anyways Engadget has posted six new videos of the BlackBerry Storm today. The new videos cover how to Surf the web on the device, under the battery, everyday use, VZ Navigator, how to […]

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