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BerryJoose Amplifies The Power Of Your BlackBerry And We Have Copies To Giveaway!

February 7, 2010 | By

The Jared Company has given us 25 copies of BerryJoose to give away, so we’re going to make this contest interesting. BerryJoose runs in the background on your BlackBerry minimizing battery leaks (BlackBerry Alzheimer Disease), optimizes your BlackBerry, and super-charges it for speed. The Jared Company also has great customer service.

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Review: BerryJoose For BlackBerry By The Jared Company

January 25, 2010 | By | 6 Comments

You’ve heard about BerryJoose, especially if you have Twitter. But what is it? Is it a solution or a BlackBerry Grail? Is it possible to retain the memory of your BlackBerry (preventing BlackBerry Alzheimer Disease)? I installed BerryJoose January 17th so I could use the app and find out for myself just what the app […]

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