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Taking A Closer Look at BlackBerry 6’s Home Screens

July 27, 2010 | By | 2 Comments

RIM is getting ready to release BlackBerry 6 – their next generation operating system – within the next few months. Today RIM gave us another inside look at BlackBerry 6’s newly redesigned home screens via their official blog. As you can see the new BlackBerry OS provides a familar design, with some small useful tweaks. […]

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BlackBerry Trackpad: Through The Looking Glass

December 21, 2009 | By | 1 Comment

From rolling the side, rolling the ball, to the new and updated trackpad, BlackBerry is advancing. The trackpad is replacing the trackball, and after the issues surrounding the Tour’s trackball, the trackpad is a welcomed and embraced improvement. We can thank Inside BlackBerry for  the trackball’s science lesson.

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