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Quiz: Is The Headline APPLE in Mid-Nineties or Modern Day RIM?

March 19, 2012 | By | Add a Comment

Ronen from BerryReview posted a great article and quiz on some headlines he ran across on the PentechLetter. It’s a wonderful reminder that while RIM is experiencing a battle, Apple has been where they are. Back in August 6, 1997 Microsoft founder Bill Gates bailed out a struggling Apple with a $150 Million dollar investment. […]

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Microsoft announces Free BES Cloud Hosting… Is RIM next?

March 17, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

Every time I see the words Microsoft and RIM in the same story I think back to a couple years ago, when Microsoft was rumored several times to be buying RIM. However this story is quiet different! Apparently Microsoft just shared the news that they have cut the normal $10/month fee for BES down to […]

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RIM officially announces BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

February 16, 2010 | By | 3 Comments

Well its not a huge surprise, after the leaks, but this morning RIM announced the new free version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server.The new BES Express allows users to sync their BlackBerry with a Microsoft Exchange Server or Windows Small Business Server. The new BES Express is free of charge, and allows small businesses to have […]

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Make your BlackBerry look like an Xbox 360 with XBerry

April 26, 2009 | By | 5 Comments

Our friends at Elecite have just introduced a new theme to go along with their gaming themes. First they started with PSB, which was based on Sony’s Playstation. Now Elecite is proud to introduce XBerry, which changes the look of your BlackBerry to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 interface. This hot theme features a sliding bottom dock […]

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Microsoft’s Tellme brings BlackBerry LBS

April 24, 2008 | By | 1 Comment

Microsoft's fairly new little $800 million dollar toy, TellMe has just launched their service for BlackBerry. Tellme is expected to take on Google and Yahoo all in one by offering Location Based Services via GPS or cell phone triangulation.  Tellme allows you to speak what your looking for. For example simply say "Coffee" and it […]

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