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Oh, About Last Night…How Bout Texts From Last Night?

July 23, 2009 | By | 1 Comment

There’s a free fun app available for the BlackBerry that allows you to read the infamous texts from the website. If you like FML, you will find this to be entertaining and funny, and of course it’s NSFW. Some of it is downright raw. The website has the quote “Remember the texts you sent from […]

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Ringtones Tutorial: Where To Get And Use FREE Ringtones

June 3, 2009 | By | 9 Comments

Part of the beauty of having a BlackBerry, or any smart phone, is that you don’t have to pay for ringtones any more. This is something everyone likes, and it’s true. You’ll never have to pay for ringtones again unless you choose to. So today I’m going to show you where to go, and how […]

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