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Meet The Trident Aegis Case For The BlackBerry 9900/9930, Prepared For Battle

March 23, 2012 | By | 2 Comments

I’m always looking for a great case that is protective as well. I found the Trident cases, and for the BlackBerry they actually have three levels available. I love how the series are named after different mythical characters. This case appears to be like the Otterbox and Ballistic rugged styled cases. Check it out…

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Introducing The BlackBerry Bold 9900/9900 Leather Touch Pong Case

March 19, 2012 | By | 1 Comment

From time to time we read or hear about SAR ratings and the dangers behind them. Even BlackBerry pro user and CIO journalist Al Sacco has written about the subject back in June 2008. After hearing the subject come up frequently, I decided to purchase a Pong case and explain the subject. Check it out…

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The Official Wireless Mini Keyboard With Touchpad for the BlackBerry PlayBook Arriving Soon!

January 26, 2012 | By | Add a Comment

Thanks to the BerryReview Team, we get to see the upcoming BlackBerry Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard that includes a touchpad we’ve been waiting for with some details. I can’t wait for this one. What features can we look forward to with this accessory? Check it out…

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Case-Mate FUEL Case for BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available!

February 19, 2010 | By | 1 Comment

In the past we’ve taken a look at Case-Mate’s FUEL rechargeable holsters, and recently Case-Mate released it for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. The FUEL cases function as both a holster and a rechargeable battery, by providing 9 additional hours of talk-time, or up to 250 hours of standby beyond the standard battery. You can grab […]

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Pong Wants To Encase Your Curve And Protect You Too

January 9, 2010 | By | 4 Comments

Radiation of cell phones has been a hot topic for some time. Pong has created a case that proposes to drastically reduce the levels of radiation of the Curve. This is a patented case that took the study results of the SAR levels, created a solution, and have made it available to the consumer who […]

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Review: Golla Tracks Pouch For BlackBerry

June 11, 2009 | By | 7 Comments

Golla is a name that stands for natural and ecological, and being Finnish, they have a flair for style and attitude. They have a variety of cases for cameras, laptops, iPods, and cell phones. Their cases are material, and are popular because of the look and because they are “green”. What more could you ask […]

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Case-Mate introduces Rechargeable Battery Pack + Holster for BlackBerry Bold

May 17, 2009 | By | 7 Comments

The creative team at Case-Mate have designed a really cool product for the BlackBerry Bold. It’s called the BlackBerry Bold FUEL which sports a holster and rechargeable battery pack all-in-one. This holster is only available for the Bold at the moment and is available directly from case-mate.com for $79.99. It might be a little more […]

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OtterBox introduces BlackBerry Curve 8300 Series Impact Case!

April 25, 2009 | By | 9 Comments

Even though the BlackBerry Curve is an “older model” for say it’s still highly used around the World. OtterBox has just introduced the new slim Impact Case for the BlackBerry Curve 8300 series. The new impact case for the BlackBerry Curve fits all of the 8300 series including 8300, 8310, 8320 and 8330. Think of […]

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BlackBerry Curve 8900 OtterBox Defender Case – Coming Soon!

April 15, 2009 | By | 7 Comments

I was browsing OtterBox’s website last night only to discover that they have listed the Defender Case for Curve 8900 as coming soon. If you don’t know about OtterBox cases they are a highly durable, great impact case. OtterBox cases feature three layers of protection and a classic but durable plastic holster. Pricing is expected […]

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Review: OtterBox Defender for BlackBerry Bold

November 19, 2008 | By | 3 Comments

If your a BlackBerry Bold user, I’m sure you want to best protection for your baby. Our friends at OtterBox have released the OtterBox Defender case for the BlackBerry Bold. The case is made up of three layers of solid protection. The first layer is a thin thermal-formed plastic wrap which protects your screen and […]

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