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Counting BlackBerry Sheep

October 20, 2012 | By | 3 Comments

The New York Times posted an article that was abrasive to not only BlackBerry but to their users as well. The article referred to BlackBerry as Black Sheep, but there’s other factors the article didn’t even approach, but I’ll touch on that for them.

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Alec Saunders Answers Robert Scoble’s Comments

February 21, 2012 | By | 1 Comment

It seems as though RIM and BlackBerry have been getting the brunt of the comments and jokes for a while now. Robert Scoble posted on Google + how he sees that developers are deserting the platform and comparing RIM to a chicken with its head cut off, but Alec has some insight as well.

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BlackBerry DevCon Europe 2012, Alec Saunders Shares App World Stats

February 8, 2012 | By | Add a Comment

Alec Saunders came out to share the App World Stats. I have to say, it’s looking very good. App World is the second most profitable App Store, second only to Apple. There are over six million daily downloads from App World and here’s the breakdown…

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