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Leaked: OS for BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100/9105

February 26, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

It’s been a few weeks since I can recall seeing a Pearl 3G OS leak. Our friends at N4BB have just posted up OS for the BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 and 9105. If you decide to install this OS its very important to remember to fully backup your device, before installing this leaked operating […]

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Leaked: OS for BlackBerry Curve 9300 and Pearl 9100

January 3, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

Earlier today we saw OS leak for the Bold 9700, and now the BlackBerry 6 leaks continue, with OS for both the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 and Pearl 3G 9100. With all three models receiving this OS update (un-officially) we are starting to wonder if this will be the new golden release from […]

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AT&T announces BlackBerry Curve 3G & Pearl 3G are Coming Soon

September 30, 2010 | By | 8 Comments

AT&T sent out a press release yesterday letting everyone know the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 and Pearl 3G 9100 are coming soon. AT&T plans to launch the new Curve 3G 9300 in time for holidays at $99.99 (with no rebates) on a two year term. AT&T also said they will be launching the new Pearl […]

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BlackBerry Curve 3G & Pearl 3G Coming to AT&T on October 3rd

September 20, 2010 | By | 5 Comments

October is shaping of to be the month of BlackBerry launches here in Canada, and now it looks like AT&T might get a pair of new BlackBerry devices too. According to Engadget, AT&T is getting ready to launch both the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 and Pearl 3G 9100 on their network in early October. Both […]

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BlackBerry Pearl 3G Now Available from Wind Mobile

September 2, 2010 | By | 5 Comments

We heard rumblings earlier last week that Wind Mobile would be launching the Pearl 3G. This morning it became official, Wind Mobile is now offering the BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 for $320 without contract, plus a $20 instant credit for new activations. So if you’re a Wind customer and have been thinking about grabbing a […]

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Wind Mobile to release BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 at $320

August 30, 2010 | By | 6 Comments

Wind Mobile currently only offers the BlackBerry Bold 9700 in their smartphone lineup, but new rumors are indicating that Wind plans to launch the BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 shortly. Pricing is expected to be around the $320 mark of course without contract. Unfortunatntely no release dates are confirmed as of yet. [via HowardForums]

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Bell launches BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 in Black

June 4, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

We knew it would be happening sometime today. Bell has officially launched the new BlackBerry Pearl 3G in black. Bell stores should already have limited stock and be selling them as of now, or you can grab one at If you’re picking up the new Pearl from Bell it will run you $49.95 with […]

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BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 Now Available at Rogers

June 2, 2010 | By | 11 Comments

It’s great to see the new Pearl 3G is starting to flow into Canada. Rogers Wireless has finally released the new BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100. It will run you $49.99 with three year term, or $424.99 without contract. So if you want to get this redish black Pearl 3G you should start seeing them in […]

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TELUS launches BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 in Pink… Black coming soon.

May 27, 2010 | By | 13 Comments

You didn’t think TELUS would let Rogers have all the fun did you? TELUS finally got around to announcing the BlackBerry Pearl 9100. The new Pearl 3G will be available online and in stores over the next few days for $29.99 with three year contract, or $349.99 without contract. The only downside is TELUS only […]

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Rogers launches BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100

May 26, 2010 | By | 7 Comments

And I’ve been complaining enough that the Pearl 3G hasn’t come to Canada, and look at this! This evening Rogers announced internally the Pearl 9100 is a go. The Pearl 3G will start making its way to Rogers dealers across Canada within the next few days. The device is expected to be priced at $449 […]

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An Inside Look at the BlackBerry Pearl 3G from RIM…

May 26, 2010 | By | 2 Comments

As most of you know the BlackBerry Pearl 3G launch has been a little delayed around the world, and with that being said I’m still curious to know why. While this interview doesn’t disclose any reasons why (or even acknowledge its delayed) it’s still cool to know what went into both the Pearl 3G models […]

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BlackBerry Pearl 3G (9100) Accessories Now Available in BBSync Store!

May 25, 2010 | By | 3 Comments

If you’ve been patiently waiting for the BlackBerry Pearl 3G to launch in North America, trust me you are not alone. The good news is while you wait, you can stock up on accessories for the new Pearl. The BBSync Store now has several Case-Mate cases, including the SmartSvkin, Signature Leather Case, and Hipster Holster. […]

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