The BlackBerry Music Gateway: Music At Your Fingertips

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I’ve had some time to use the BlackBerry Music Gateway and I really love it. This little gadget connects via Bluetooth or NFC and plays the music through your stereo of choice. From your home little stereo to your car stereo, music is right at your fingertips. Check it out…

I’ve had my BlackBerry Music Gateway for quite some time now. When I first got it, I took some time trying the Bluetooth and NFC connections, playing it through music stereos of different sorts, your laptop, and even the auxilary in the car stereo. This accessory isn’t only for BlackBerry devices, it actually works with any Bluetooth or NFC supported device.

This Gateway is only $49.95 and can  be purchased from the BlackBerry Store or from CrackBerry which is where I purchased mine. When it arrived, I was really happy to see it. A very small portable and convenient device that allows you to wirelessly stream music from your device.

The contents that come with the BlackBerry Music Gateway are as follows:

  • 3.5mm cable
  • RCA cable
  • Micro-USB charger

The Music Gateway itself is very small and thin and extremely easy to use. This is what the Music Gateway looks like from top, bottom, and side where the charger goes.

This little accessory works by plugging in the charger into the micro port and the auxilary cord into the auxilary port. As long as it’s connected and staying on with the charger connected, you’re ready to connect. There are some simple and easy instructions as well. I connected the device and tried connecting it by NFC. I enabled NFC on my BlackBerry 9930 then tapped it to the Gateway. Instantly it was found, asked if I wanted to connect and then I quickly began playing a song and listened to it stream away on my little boom box. The device must stay powered, as there’s no battery to keep charged off the power supply. One great thing to keep in mind is that there’s no software to download to enable the device or make it match up. It just does it. Whether you place it in pairing mode to pair in Bluetooth with another device, or tap with an NFC supported device.

I connected it to the speaker in the kitchen, my car stereo via the auxilary port, you name it. And we also connected it to Bluetooth devices as well such as other Bluetooth enabled phones. Perfect reception and wireless streaming, all at my fingertips. This will also stream from Bluetooth enabled tablets such as the BlackBerry PlayBook!

If I had to rate this accessory, it would definitely be a 5/5. And if you order from the CrackBerry store, they are at least in stock. If you want a great way to stream your music, then look no further as this little Gateway proves big sound comes in little packages.

Have you checked out the Music Gateway? If you have, please share your thoughts with us.

Grab the BlackBerry Music Gateway from the CrackBerry Store for $49.95 here


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