easyDial, The Dialpad With a Touch

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easyDial is an app that allows you to use your touchscreen for making calls. The app makes it easy to call from your touchscreen and it even has the letters with the numbers that are clearly readable as well. Check it out…

I know with as many apps I keep on my BlackBerry 9930, it tends to be non-responsive at times as far as the trackpad is concerned, which leaves me to using the screen. This wasn’t so easy for me at first seeing how I’ve always used the keyboard and touchpad or rollerball. easyDial by techfruits is a very nice alternative to the phone itself. You can use the dial pad itself and it’s very user friendly. The app allows the screen to emulate the dial pad so you can dial from the screen itself. The icon is also very easy to find. It won’t get lost in your apps as it shows unmistakable, the green phone icon.

The latest version which is now BBM integrated allows you to post to your BBM when you’re in a call. Again, a very nice and convenient touch. The BBM integrated version is only for use with the 99xx and 9790 series.

There are a ¬†few things about easyDial you should know. The call button does not call from the app or bring the easyDial app up. If you want to make it easier, then you can use the convenience key, which is an easy fix. easyDial does not bring up your contacts nor does it access the speed dial numbers on your BlackBerry that you have set up. I had a little time getting used to this part because I don’t memorize phone numbers since they’re all stored on my BlackBerry address book. The other thing is that when you are dialing with easyDial, you can use both the trackpad or the touchscreen. When deleting a mistyped number, you must use the touchscreen buttons as delete doesn’t work. I did have some trouble not relying on that button.

Using the app is very easy, and I like that you can share the fact you’re in a call with BBM. I also love that the letters are there with the numbers so I don’t have to remember to hit alt+for the letter and try to remember which number it’s on. Easy, simple, and very helpful. No shortcut keys for having to figure out the phone numbers with words in them. The dialpad is large, easy to see, it’s just a very nice emulated touchscreen dialpad.

I’ve been using the app since my goal is to use the touchscreen more and my BlackBerry PlayBook so that when the first BlackBerry 10 touchscreen launches, I will be ready. This is really the first time I’ve ever been looking so forward to having a full touchscreen BlackBerry device.

easyDial is available in the original version and the BBM integrated version for $1.99 from BlackBerry App World at the following links:

easyDial- the Best Touchscreen dialing experience

easyDial – now BBM integrated

Check it out and let us know what you think.

[rating: 4.4/5]

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