Kisai Labs Proudly Announces Trapeez

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Yes, brought to you by the same developers who brought you Blaq, the amazing Twitter app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. We all wondered what Trapeez was, and several of us gave our opinions on Twitter with the hash tag #WhatIsTrapeez. I didn’t come close, but I’m glad to see that Kisai Labs has unveiled the Trapeez app and emailed some details. Check it out….

It turns out that Trapeez is a Tumblr app for BlackBerry 7, the BlackBerry PlayBook, and the BlackBerry 10! I opened a Tumblr account when I found this out and can’t wait, because Blaq has been my favorite Twitter app for my BlackBerry PlayBook, that it’s all I use. I would use just Blaq for my BlackBerry when it becomes available for BlackBerry 7 or 10. No one can argue that Jerome Carty is extremely talented and works hard on the apps he’s working on.

According to the email, Trapeez makes it easy to post your content to your Tumblr account (including photos, links, chats, and quotes), view your posts, reblog and more from your BlackBerry device.

Invites are going to be sent out to those who are currently beta testers in the Kisai Labs, as well as those who entered the Twitter hashtag guess contest. If you’d like an invite, be sure to click on the following link and sign up while you can! I’m really looking forward to this app, and I know that with Jerome heading the adventure, this application will be nothing short of exceptional. Jerome has proven that success isn’t just about vision, it’s about inspiration, vision, determination, and never resting on your laurels. I know that the current LensBoost app has a tab to add Tumblr, but I have never been able to get it to work, so I’m looking forward to another way to share.

Anyone have a Tumblr account already? What do you like or dislike about it? What capabilities would you like to see in a Tumblr app?

┬áIf you’re interested in Trapeez, and would like to be notified, click here

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