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The New York Times posted an article that was abrasive to not only BlackBerry but to their users as well. The article referred to BlackBerry as Black Sheep, but there’s other factors the article didn’t even approach, but I’ll touch on that for them.

First off, the BlackBerry uses compressed data which we are all used to. The article also takes the point of view of a few business users. Most of the issues I see with frustrated business users are because the company deemed the device to them and they have no idea how to use the device, let alone take the time to research and learn it. It may help businesses to have an instructional training when they assign the BlackBerry. A point missed as well is the fact that if the device is on a BES, the IT department can control many factors and access such as Bluetooth and games, etc. Of course it’s frustrating if your work device can’t access things outside of work since it is a work device. The BlackBerry is known to be secure which is a great thing for companies and those who take security serious. Especially with those who may use their work device for other things. It was even shown in a simulation by Smobile Security who held an event called the Cyber Shockwave (a four hour war game) which we covered. The event was a simulation of how mobile devices and computers in business can be an easy way to compromise systems.

BlackBerry is a device we love and use. Whether it’s for the great reception, the apps we’ve come to rely on, or the social networking we use it for, we’ve keep our BlackBerry close to us. I read the article and thought “I’d rather be a BlackBerry Sheep than a lemming.” But perhaps that’s just my point of view. I haven’t met anyone outside of business devices that is embarrassed over their BlackBerry. Some venture away from the BlackBerry, but many end up coming back. I have no doubt we’ll see even more BlackBerry users coming back when BlackBerry 10 launches, and even those who weren’t BlackBerry users before.

The article talks about the fun video cover “Keep On Loving You” that Alec Saunders and crew did for the developers, but instead of seeing it as a fun and supportive video to lighten the mood at the event they saw it as desperate. It’s sad that they can’t see the humor and fun they bringing to the event. It was for the developers.

The CEO of RIM, Thorsten Heins wrote an editorial for the Globe and Mail, and he stated facts such as : ”

As some pundits write RIM’s obituary, the company’s global subscriber base continues to grow, to more than 78 million people in 175 countries. In many of those countries – some of the fastest growing markets in the world – RIM is the top smart-phone; and in some, RIM devices account for the top three spots. We have relationships with 650 carriers around the globe; RIM’s reliability and security make it the first choice for countless government agencies and are part of the reason more than 90 per cent of Fortune 500 companies deploy BlackBerry in their enterprises.

RIM has no debt. The company also has more than $2-billion in cash on its balance sheet, and generated $710-million in operating cash flow in its first quarter.”

QNX in BlackBerry 10 is more than just another mobile platform or OS, it’s used in NASA’s spaceships, used in vehicles which is quite impressive, as well as BlackBerry 10. RIM is on the rim of a new era with it. It’s taking BlackBerry where it hasn’t been before. It’s an exciting and intense time for BlackBerry and its users.

So yes, I’m proud to be a BlackBerry Sheep than a lemming any day of the week. Stay proud and keep vigil, it’s coming….

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[via: New York Times ; The Globe And Mail ; PR Newswire]

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  • Meistro

    I,M proud to be a blacksheep, BB10 is comming….! I,m even more than happy with OS 6!!!

  • Mlal

    There is no time for humor when the survival of your business is at stake. Data compression may have been great five years ago..but in the world of social and apps for business.. RIM will have a rude awakening.

  • Susan

    I think humor is important everywhere you work and in all your relationships. As far as business, in a time when security is even more important than ever (just ask any government entity who’s email has been comprised and posted online with information on those employees), and work and fun aren’t always in the same place. I know individuals who were given a BlackBerry for work, were resentful and it took two years before they even learned how to take a picture with it because they didn’t have any desire to really learn the device. That’s not including other features they had no idea how to access or use. I really do believe BB10 is a game changer.