BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 Update With SMS Texts!

October 20, 2012 | By | 4 Comments

I know this one’s not new, in fact I’m very late with this one, but if you haven’t updated your BlackBerry PlayBook yet, you really should. The update brought quite a few features that surprised us and made our day. What came in this last update? We have the top three features of the update from Inside BlackBerry.

Inside BlackBerry posted up their three favorite features of the update:

1. Updated BlackBerry Bridge: Now you can view, respond and compose new SMS messages on their BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet when connected to a BlackBerry smartphone over Bluetooth®. You’ll also enjoy increased performance and speed of other BlackBerry Bridge functions as well. So you can do more, more efficiently. Txt away, my friends.

2. Email and PIM Enhancements: You’ve asked for it and we’ve delivered portrait support for email, calendar and contacts, giving you the option to use your tablet in either orientation to message. This will definitely come in handy for those of you who enjoy thumb typing in portrait mode like I do.

3. Improved Android Application Support: Includes Multi-Window Applications, Camera Support and In-App Payments. We all love a richer app experience, and with the improvements to the Android runtime, that’s just what you’ll get. Running the applications in separate windows allows you to multi-task between Android apps easier, and in-app payments will make it easier for you to enhance your app content. Game on!

I noticed that MMS isn’t included just yet, but it’s great to be able to text from your BlackBerry PlayBook via the bridge. I was even lucky enough to have downloaded and installed the withdrawn update OS2.0.1.668, and have no idea why it was withdrawn since I had no issues with it. ;I have been really happy with my BlackBerry PlayBook, especially with the great apps available for it. I’ll be going into my favorite apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry, updates on those apps, and what apps I couldn’t or won’t do without.

Basically the only reason I visited this update was to get some opinions on how you feel about the update on your PlayBook? So share with us what you have found in the update that you really like, or if you haven’t updated just yet, why not?

[via: Inside BlackBerry]

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  • Nandy Georges

    LMAOOOOO…..are you serious?????? You are over 15days late on this news Susan…..LMAOoooo

  • Susan

    I know that Nandy, that’s why I started it by saying I was late with the news. I’m trying to catch up on the big things I’ve missed so I can get current. It’s okay to laugh, I knew I was late.

  • Dan L.

    She stated the article was late in the first sentence. Stop being a troll Nandy. Maybe you should get out of your mom’s basement more often.

  • Nandy Georges

    Dan i didnt mean anything by it. And susan I’m sorry if you feel i made you feel bad. And Dan you have no idea what i would do to move back to my mom’s basement lol
    I think Susan should have focus more on the feature of the 2.1 rather than having this title for her article. I’ve only realize 2 days ago MMS was not supported through the bridge but yet pictures are supported though BBM bridge. So having an article on that would have made more sense no matter how late you are, rather announcing sms is supported in 2.1