BeBuzz Updates to v5.0.65 In App World and Bellshare website

June 23, 2012 | By | Add a Comment

The BeBuzz update is not new, but for some of us it didn’t work so well. It was released in App World only and whether it was the App World beta or the OS 7.1, some of us had real issues. If you tried the upgrade and failed you’re not alone. Keep reading…

The issue was this:

You received the upgrade alert, upgraded BeBuzz, rebooted, only to find that you had the v4.0 for a different device. When you went to update through the app it stated that the license didn’t match and to contact BeBuzz support. If you went to the website, only 5.0.40 was available. So that was the only recent one you could download. It became frustrating, especially if you had a more recent version to begin with. No matter what you did, the upgrade failed through App World.

The download links at Bellshare are for trying the app or it will prompt you for a purchase if you don’t have a valid license. If you have a valid license, you just need to register with it after download.

The good news is that yesterday I noticed that Bellshare GmbH updated their links for BeBuzz with the most current version, and it works perfect. So if you have the upgrade blues, head on over to BeBuzz via the following link and get your v5.0.65. Be sure and download the current version for your device as it lists them. Thank you Bellshare!

BeBuzz v5.0.65

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