MorphWiz – Play For the BlackBerry PlayBook: Discover Your Musical Genius

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This app came out last month, and I thought I’d bring it to your attention. MorphWiz is the creation of Jordan Rudess and developer Kevin Chartier. The app is Billboard’s Best Music Creation App and MorphWiz – Play takes the deep sounds and fantastic visuals and brings it into a package of 30 custom presets. Check it out…

MorphWiz – Play is available for the BlackBerry PlayBook and is found in the BlackBerry App World for only $1.99. It’s a fun and great way of finding your inner musical genius, maybe relaxing, or just experimenting with music and sound.

This video you’re going to watch is Jordan showing MorphWiz – Play:

Here’s the description out of App World:

MorphWiz, the brain child of Dream Theater keyboardist, Jordan Rudess, and award-winning developer, Kevin Chartier, took the music app business by storm, winning Billboard’s Best Music Creation App, the Best App Ever award for Best Music App, and an Electronic Musician Editor’s choice award. Jordan uses MorphWiz on stage and in the studio with his prog-metal band, Dream Theater.

MorphWiz-Play takes the deep synthesis and immersive visuals of MorphWiz and packages it into 30 custom presets programmed personally by the Wizard himself, Jordan Rudess.

You’ll love experimenting with all of the presets, and you will be blown away by one of the coolest methods of controlling sound that you’ve ever laid hands on.

Jordan states, “Our goal was to create an instrument that would allow the seamless morphing of the audio and visual domain while delivering a seamless musical experience. I believe the multitouch platform opens up a whole new world of creation for electronic musical instruments. MorphWiz features a totally unique pitch control system that is still uncharted territory in today’s musical instrument world. This is the heart of MorphWiz.”

There are also tutorials for MorphWiz, if you’re interested in becoming a pro and mastering the app. You’ll find the tutorials here:

Wisdom Music Tutorials

If you like music and sounds, and remember the classic rock bands such as Rush and others who used synthesizers (ELO), then you’ll absolutely love MorphWiz – Play. Not only for you, but if you have children, you’ll find them drawn to the app, who knows, you may have the next future Amadeus you may be nurturing.

I had to check it out for myself, and it is a really neat app. I need to find time to watch the tutorials and inspire my inner musical talent, but I’m having fun with it in the meantime. Check it out and let us know what you think of this musical muse!

Download MorphWiz – Play from App World here

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