Don’t Miss The New BlackBerry UK Advertisement, For Those Who Do

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I love the latest commercial from BlackBerry UK. I know we’ve seen and read about the BlackBerry Australia Wake Up campaign, but this commercial brings across the message that RIM CEO Thorsten Heins conveyed at BlackBerry World, “There are people that don’t and people who do. Do you?”

While Thorsten’s words weren’t exactly that, he did show numbers that described how BlackBerry users use their features on their smartphones more and are successful and tend to be go-getters. Thanks to Kevin from CrackBerry who posted the advertisement. The commercial shows those who are content to just be, and those who are on the go, an open window vs closed window (closed vs open minds?), dark and light (as different as night and day?), can’t wait in contrast to can’t be bothered, the dog who is a herder that leads vs the sheep, the mime that thinks out of the box, the mouse outsmarting the trap instead of just hiding (reminded me of Who Moved My Cheese) and the ones who are doing not watching. This commercial really says it all.

You can check out the commercial from the YouTube BlackBerry UK site

I have to admit, this one is my favorite yet.

[via: CrackBerry]

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