BlackBerry World 2012: The Keynote and What Notes were Taken

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Though the BBW 2012 has passed, Thorsten Heins did a great job in his keynote at this year’s BlackBerry World. The turnout was huge, the excitement was there, and there were many reasons to look forward to the next upcoming months. I wanted to wait until I had some time to really think about the Keynote before posting it.

I listened and watched as the BlackBerry World 2012 Keynote took place online, and even though we lost connection for a bit, it was so intense to watch Thorsten Heins talk about the BlackBerry, the culture, the people, the new mobile platform BlackBerry 10, and where they are headed. As a consumer, I am really excited for the moment I’ll be able to hold a BlackBerry 10 myself. Developers were given one at BlackBerry 10 Jam, as a prototype, and even as an Alpha prototype, it’s very promising.

There are many reasons we hold on to our BlackBerry devices. The email which BlackBerry does better than anyone and BBM because we love to be social and network socially as well. I have tried other operating systems and they fall short to me when compared to a BlackBerry. The iPhone and iPad are somewhat super simple and the use of iTunes discourages me. I don’t want to be having to use iTunes for my device. Android is great for those who are into games and fun, but for me, I became frustrated with the uncaught exceptions, closing of apps, etc. It also has several games and applications I don’t have a need for or want to use. The BlackBerry for me is a great tool and with the BlackBerry PlayBook they are able to meet my needs and then some. I’m not discouraging others from other mobile device OS, but for me the BlackBerry is the one I feel best with.

The Keynote was exceptional when it came to seeing what they’ve done. Thorsten spoke of the culture of those who use BlackBerry, he showed us the Alpha prototype, he and Vivek showed us the virtual keyboard and the amazing camera feature. I’m especially loving the camera feature as you can single out a face and turn back the seconds to find the expression you wanted. Never again miss a “Magic Moment”. I’m really loving the keyboard and the “Magic Moment” camera ability. I know we’ve all had those moments where we’ve missed that one perfect moment.

Thorsten and Vivek also showed us the “Flow”. BlackBerry 10 can run different things at once, flowing effortlessly from one app to another seamlessly. This is a nice touch, very ┬ámuch like the BlackBerry PlayBook does now. I was also impressed with the numbers of smartphone users using their phones in different areas, and the BlackBerry users using those features more.

There were a lot of great points brought up at BlackBerry World and even some new apps and games that were released during the event. With the changes BlackBerry is making going forward, it’s clear to see they mean business. Thorsten even spoke of how they would make sure they release a finished product. We also were shown the BlackBerry 10 Porsche running the BlackBerry 10 platform. I really admired the way that Thorsten said that the BlackBerry 10 is not just an OS, it’s a mobile computing platform! Just think, your phone, your PlayBook, your car, your home, your world.

After watching and reading, I’m just really anxious to grab my own BlackBerry 10 device. I love the idea of bringing more of the world into my hands. What are your thoughts about BlackBerry 10? What were your favorite segments of the Keynote? What feature or features are you looking most forward to?

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