BlackBerry 10 Jam and Wikitude Give us A View Into AR And BlackBerry 10

May 12, 2012 | By | Add a Comment

This was another important showcase from BlackBerry 10 Jam I missed. Wikitude is one of my most favorite apps. I always show this app because I love the way it allows you to view the world in an Augmented Reality, looking at it with new sight. I’m really excited about the possibilities and the potential with Wikitude!

I’ve had the honor of interviewing Andy Gstoll, the CMO from Wikitude and at that time he hinted to the fact that there were exciting plans in the works for BlackBerry and the PlayBook. Now here it is, the future with BlackBerry 10!

Wolfgang Damm, Lead Software ARchitect for Wikitude, and Martin Herdina, the CEO of Wikitude, were at BlackBerry 10 Jam and showed us the wonderful things we are in store for. They spoke about the tools they have for developers including the ability to publish your AR content in the Wikitude World Browser, or use the Wikitude’s Augmented Reality SDK and build it into your own app. Obviously, building into the Wikitude World Browser would give your content exposure with all the Wikitude users, but the great point here is that you have choices.

I love the way the glimpse worked, letting us see how to find people and places, how the Twitter bird shows the tweets, how you can see sales and offers, and even more fun was seeing the game with the spaceship. There are currently games in the Wikitude for BlackBerry but I am really excited and looking forward to seeing this in action on my BlackBerry 10 when it’s available.

If you’re a developer and interested in using Augmented Reality, you can click here for Wikitude’s Developer page

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