To Sync or Not to Sync: Email Setup 101

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It seems like BlackBerry phones are the negative target lately. I ran across an article by USA Today Tech entitled Tip: A Cautionary Tale of Syncing. The article concerns me, and I thought I would share the impression I got from it go over some basic email setup with our readers as well. ***Added test and top results***

First off, I’d like to start off by talking about email setup on the BlackBerry. Especially the devices OS 6.0 and higher. By entering Gmail, you have the option if you go slowly and carefully, to sync or not sync your contacts. It can also do that with other select email servers as well, not just Gmail. By default it is checked to sync, but you can easily uncheck it. There are pros and cons to syncing your contacts. One, you just came from an Android device and you want to bring your contacts (regardless of same or other carrier). Two, you like using Google and have your contacts on it. Three, you are planning on moving to an Android device or iPhone, and you’d like to move your contacts. Both the Android devices and iPhone can be set up to sync those contacts to the device.

There are also cons: maybe you like to keep your email/messenger contacts separate, maybe you have no need to sync those contacts, maybe you just don’t like the idea of your contacts being held in a cloud or server. The impression I received out of this particular article was somewhat negative on the BlackBerry. He even makes a comment about the BlackBerry not being a very popular phone these days. But the article is blindsighted. Yes, there are many apps that require certain permissions. It’s easy to go into the settings to see what permissions each app has and you can alter the settings as well. When you install an app, the app appears with settings you can adjust. It’s not like you aren’t shown. Same with the email setup.

The writer fails to mention that Android devices are a Google device, which is open. The apps show what permissions are needed, but in regards to downloading, I would like to know what is the exact number of Android users who pay attention to those permissions prior to and at the time of download. I would be sure to bet it’s very low. Especially with the young or first time Android owners. There’s also more chance of malware with the Android third party apps than on iPhones or BlackBerry from the market or Google Play as it’s been renamed. Don’t take my word for it, do some research. Net Security, Net Security’s most notorious Android Malware, Mercury News, PC World, TechCrunch, and a pr release of NQ Mobile all have information that is all based on research and reports, not just what the findings are, but also how to protect Android device. I’m not trying to paint a bad picture of Android devices, only stating that research states it’s more of a security risk when it comes to malware. Of course, doing your research and knowing the risks is important. I thought I’d add some results from the latest AVTest done on the Android devices and the Anti-Malware products available for the Android. The first pic outlines the appearance of Android Malware in the last year, and the second are the top anti-malware products and the different malware they are able to detect.

With the BlackBerry, you have the ability to make changes and change settings at any time. For the email setup, you only need to go to the Setup, go to Email Accounts, and go to the Internet or Enterprise setting, and click on your email you want to change the synchronization on, and and choose edit, go to the Synchronization Options and check or uncheck the Calendar, Contacts, and/or Deleted items. Hit save and enter your password for that email. That’s how easy it is. There’s no catch and no hidden features. For apps, you can go into the settings and change the permissions at any time or delete the apps you don’t want or use.

What is your opinion on the BlackBerry Email Setup and the apps? What about BlackBerry vs Android vs iPhone and third party apps? We want to know what you’re thinking.

[via: USA Today]

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