SayIt for BlackBerry Updates to v1.3.4 With Updated Command List and More!

March 5, 2012 | By | 4 Comments

SayIt is the voice recognition and personal assistant for BlackBerry. The app is compatible with BlackBerry devices with OS 4.5 and higher and allows you to personalize it, and with the latest update it has added even more. SayIt has improved since it first came out, check it out…

I must admit, when SayIt first came out, it was a nice idea and very rough. But since then, there’s been quite a few updates and it has really improved and shaping up rather smoothly. I was really glad to see a developer attempt to bring an application for a personal assistant to the BlackBerry other than Vlingo, which is another app I love and keep.

What’s new with the latest SayIt version?

  • Fix: java.lang.IOException error
  • Add Text to Voice, Voice to Text command
  • Updated Command List
  • Bugs Fixed

What are the features of SayIt?

  1. Ask anything you want and SayIt will answer you. For example: “How old is the earth?”, “Who is Justin Bieber?”, “1 plus 1 equals?”, “Tell me about your self?”, “What’s the weather like?”,….and a lot more!
  2. You can compose new Email , new Message, open BlackBerry Map, task, calendar,…. using your voice
  3. You can Compose SMS, Email, BBM or any text typing use your own voice!
  4. You can convert Text to Speech and download the converted text as *.mp3 format
  5. You can convert Speech to Text and copy the text to send via BBM, SMS, MMS, Email,….

You can grab SayIt from BlackBerry App World for only $4.99. If you are wishing you had Siri and thinking about the iPhone, give SayIt a try and see what SayIt can do for you. For a limited time, Vlingo is available free in the BlackBerry App World (the app was free during the BlackBerry Gifts) which you should also check out if you haven’t yet. Vlingo is a bit different than SayIt and it’s great to have them both. Vlingo was available to the BlackBerry long before Siri was ever a thought and it’s been my favorite app for years.

Purchase SayIt for $4.99 from BlackBerry App World here

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  • Brent

    SayIt is awesome, it is as good as siri, the voice engine is also 2x as good as the one before. I love it!


    Awesome dude, buy it is the best blackberry application, it beats the shit out of siri who farts too much

  • Karanthiwaat

    i love this app dude!

  • Mich

    This app’s Beast!!!!!