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I run several apps on my BlackBerry, which leaves my BlackBerry needing a charge twice a day or more, not to mention my InPulse smartwatch that lasts four to six hours as well. The last trip I took left me with a dead phone and watch before I reached my destination, I needed a solution for the next time.

My search for the Charging Grail, the solution of all solutions, led me to look at Powerbags. I wanted one that I could carry my laptop, my BlackBerry, my BlackBerry PlayBook, my electronic odds and ends, and keep them powered up. There’s nothing more frustrating than being without a phone or watch and waiting for them to charge. I keep spare batteries charged for my Bold, but it would be even more convenient if I didn’t have to worry about battery swaps.

Powerbag designed by ful come in an assortment of charging bag types and different on the go batteries. They have backpacks, messenger bags, and briefcases. The briefcase collection has the Business Class Case, the Wheeled Briefcase, and the Rolling Office. The Messenger Bag Collection has Tablet Messenger, Messenger, and Instant Messenger. The Backpack Collection has Sling, Backpack, Deluxe Backpack, and the Business Backpack. For me, I felt the Deluxe Backpack would meet my needs and I ordered it. The bag comes in one of two colors, black or red. I chose black. It didn’t take long for my Powerbag to arrive and I was definitely far from disappointed.

For the Deluxe Backpack Powerbag, the following are the features:

Removable, lightweight rechargeable 6000mAh battery: The built-in battery system charges the average smartphone 4 times and includes Apple, Micro-USB and Mini-USB connectors and a USB port. Charge literally hundreds of devices including smartphones, eReaders and many tablets. Tablets must be charged with their own USB cable through Powerbag’s on-board USB port.

External one-touch battery level indication and power button:The logo button turns Powerbag on or off when you press and hold for 2 seconds. Or press the logo button once quickly to see how much power you have left.

Water-resistant AC adapter charging port:When it’s time to recharge Powerbag simply connect the included AC adapter and plug it into a wall outlet.

Suspension-contoured back straps: The contoured straps and back panel are designed keep you comfortable even when your Backpack is filled to the brim.

When my Powerbag Deluxe Backpack arrived, I immediately began checking out the literature and the different compartments. I really like how there’s a place for everything! I don’t need a ton of room, but I have quite a few gadgets I like to keep on hand when I’m traveling. The directions call for charging the Backpack, so first you need to remove the removable battery, take off the little plastic that covers the prongs, and reinsert the battery. Now it’s ready to charge. I found the charging cord, unwound it, plugged it in, and let it charge till all the bars stayed lit.

The literature that comes with the Powerbag:

  • The device tag (4 Smartphone charges and charges tablets, smartphones, MP3, Bluetooth, GPS, Games, and eReaders)
  • Quick Start card that you’ll want to read first to learn how to charge the bag before use and a toll free number for support
  • Owner’s Manual

The Deluxe Backpack is available for $169.99, and for now ground shipping is free. The bag is durable, it works great in charging all my devices, and I found loops in the bag, where I could place the usb cable into the battery usb port and run the cable along the backpack to the padded tablet pocket. The only thing that would have been great is if the Apple cable was one that could have a piece to make it micro or mini instead since I don’t own any Apple products.

I think it’s also important to let you know that there are three sizes of batteries available, so you can purchase a spare, or customize your bag accordingly. They have the 3000mAh battery for one or two charges, the 6000mAh battery for 4 smartphone charges, or the 9000mAh battery for a charge up to 6 times! You can find the battery sizes and pricing here.

The bag is stylish, I chose this particular bag because it fits my particular lifestyle. There are different prices available for different styles of bags, and some of them have more colors to chose from. As you can see by the pics, I had to have my BlackBerry PlayBook cases, CyberClean, HDMI cable, V-Moda headset, some usb cables, my Cube, my Toddy Cloth, a few packets of Sugru putty for those times you never know, stylus, and all I need is to throw my laptop in, my BlackBerry, and BlackBerry PlayBook, and I’m ready to roll! I absolutely love this bag and I know I can handle the next trip without worrying about having to turn off my phone because it’s going to die, or my PlayBook not lasting whether we’re on a plane or hike. I’m prepared for fun and my BlackBerry is more than prepared as well. No more dreaded dead batteries, which makes me happy.

You can purchase the Powerbag Deluxe Backpack for $169.99 designed by ful here

Or you can check out the different styles and grab the bag that fits you best here

“Need Power? It’s in the bag”™

[rating 4.75/5]

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