Quiz: Is The Headline APPLE in Mid-Nineties or Modern Day RIM?

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Ronen from BerryReview posted a great article and quiz on some headlines he ran across on the PentechLetter. It’s a wonderful reminder that while RIM is experiencing a battle, Apple has been where they are. Back in August 6, 1997 Microsoft founder Bill Gates bailed out a struggling Apple with a $150 Million dollar investment. Check it out…

I thought I’d share the video from YouTube from 1997 in which some very unhappy iFan boys and girls had to listen to Steve Jobs announce the partnership of Microsoft as Bill Gates had come to Apple’s rescue.

The quiz is comprised of ten questions, some were from back in 1997 and some are recent headlines. See if you can guess which company is company X.


  1. “Company X should close shop”
  2. “Company X’s CEO said to be out the door”
  3. “Why Microsoft Should Buy Company X”
  4. “Company X struggling as market share in U.S. keeps slipping”
  5. Company X: “Morgan Stanley Chops EPS Forecasts”
  6. “The Fall of an American Icon”
  7. “Company X results will continue to disappoint”
  8. “Company X Holds School Market, Despite Decline”
  9. “Are Company X sales weaker than thought?”
  10. “Company X Expects it will Lose $700 Million”

Now check your answers here: CantechLetter, let us know how you did.

[via: BerryReview & CantechLetter & Wired]

[picture credit: Best Choice Tech]

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