Meet The Trident Aegis Case For The BlackBerry 9900/9930, Prepared For Battle

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I’m always looking for a great case that is protective as well. I found the Trident cases, and for the BlackBerry they actually have three levels available. I love how the series are named after different mythical characters. This case appears to be like the Otterbox and Ballistic rugged styled cases. Check it out…

Not that I’m Daphne of Scooby Doo, but I am pretty accident-prone. I’m always interested in a case that’s going to look nice yet offer that sense of security and assurance to relieve my worried mind. I saw the Trident cases and became very interested. They have several types of cases and cover different types of mobile smartphones and tablets, but the one I am reviewing is the Trident Aegis case for the BlackBerry 9930. There are three different types of cases for the BlackBerry: Perseus series, Aegis series, and the ultimate Kraken series.

Trident is a great name for a company. The Trident is a three-pronged spear used for fishing and as a weapon and is featured in mythology by the Hindu god Shiva, and also more known is Neptune or Poseidon, not to mention the devil. And of course all their series of cases have just as classic of names.

Perseus is a name we all know from the famous movie Clash of The Titans. The word stands for soldier, and the Perseus case is a light-duty case, too light for me. This case sells for $14.95 plus shipping.

Kraken is a case named after an old Norse legendary sea monster, and is very much similar to the Defender case by Otterbox. It too comes with the built in screen and holster, as well as the thick and durable covering. Unlike Otterbox, BlackBerry options for a Kraken Trident case are in a few different colors. This case offers the best protection for anyone who’s lifestyle requires heavy-duty protection. This case sells for $44.95 to $49.95 plus shipping. I wasn’t able to find the BlackBerry on their website, but they are available for BlackBerry on the Amazon website here.

Now the Aegis series. Aegis in the ancient times was a large collar or cape to show the protection given by a religious higher authority or the holder of a protective shield meaning the same. Wearing the aegis shows sponsorship, protection, or authority drawing it’s power and protection from a higher source or deity. This was the case I thought sounded best for me.  It states protection for an active lifestyle. It’s slim and easy to keep in a bag or pocket. This is the case I ordered. I also liked it has different colors available, so I chose the green/black Aegis case. Other colors available are black, red, pink, and bright baby blue. This case sells for $29.95 plus shipping.

When I finally got my case, I was pretty stoked. The case comes with a screen protector you can install with the installation card and the cloth. The case is in two parts, the silicone lining and the hardened polycarbonate plastic shell. It also has silicone plugs that cover port openings. I really like the silicone case, which has the Trident emblem that stands out in the back, which is really a nice embossed feeling. The polycarbonate case includes the name on the case and dust filters. You’ll have to check out the strength of this Tritan’s shield.

The packaging is nice, and easy to open. I took apart the case and found that it took a few minutes to get worked onto the phone, but after that it fits very nice. I love the way the silicone plugs the ports. It’s not a thin plug, but a nice inset one so it won’t be easy for the plug to come undone in a purse or pocket. The color is nice, the case feels very solid, and it would be very similar to the commuter case for BlackBerry except that it does have different colors available and I really like the Trident emblem on the back. There’s even a place for a cell phone charm on the case.

There’s no con to the case at all. I like having a screen protector I can install, and love having a case that’s thick enough to protect my phone, but thin enough I can take it on the go. Is the case worth the price? Yes, and if you like style, fun, protection, and different colors, check them out.


The only downside I found was that while Otterbox and Ballistic both offer their heavy-duty Defender series for the BlackBerry PlayBook, all the Trident offers is the Perseus series for the PlayBook.

If you want to read more about the Trident cases, check them out here

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