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From time to time we read or hear about SAR ratings and the dangers behind them. Even BlackBerry pro user and CIO journalist Al Sacco has written about the subject back in June 2008. After hearing the subject come up frequently, I decided to purchase a Pong case and explain the subject. Check it out…

So first we’ll touch on the subject, what is SAR? It stands for Specific Absorption Rate and it’s the metric to measure the device’s radio frequency energy that the device emits. In order to pass the FCC’s inspection, the device’s SAR must measure equal to or less than 1.6 watts per kilogram.

Why should you be concerned about SAR? While studies are not as concise as we’d like, a small group of doctors and activists along with the FCC have concerns over the possible connection between cell phone use and brain cancer, hence the inspection and ratings. There is no proof that cell phones cause brain cancer. There is however a new study published in the Feb. 23 Journal of the American Medical Association by Dr. Nora Volkow found that a cell phone’s electromagnetic field can cause changes in brain activity. This does not prove cancer, but does show that the brain can be affected. I was really surprised to see some of the BlackBerry devices in the top highest SAR devices, and we’ll post the list toward the end.

Time Magazine’s online TIME Healthland has a great slideshow in which there are tips how to lower your risk of exposure from your cell phone which are as follows:

So now with the Pong case. There are four different styles of BlackBerry that Pong Research has cases available for.

I purchased the BlackBerry Bold 9930 Black Leather Touch Pong case. The case shipped about five days later and while it seemed a bit pricey, I was very curious. I don’t have a lab or a way to visualize how the case affects the energy, I was more concerned with not only the health benefit and the effect on my reception would be. The box is a nice classy white box with a blue banner as you see.

When I opened the box, my case is carefully laid out so I can see the Pong name. Taking out the inside and sliding out my case, I find the plastic envelope which contents include: The card, the screen protector and the Pong screen cleaner.

The card has Pong Case Benefits:

  • Reduces your exposure to cell phone radiation
  • Protects your phone’s signal strength
  • Durable Lexan cover adds protection for your smart phone
  • How do I place the case onto the phone?
  • How do I remove the case from the phone?
  • And How do I clean my case?

There’s a Congratulations on your Pong case purchase on the other side and a barcode, which when scanned verifies and congratulates you on your authentic Pong case along with a discount for future purchases of their cases.

Installing the case was fairly easy. The phone must be placed with the volume and convenience key side going in first, then the other side snapping in. The case isn’t too light, which I like. The volume keys and the convenience key are left open, the top and bottom of the phone are open, and the other side has the micro port and the earphone port spaces. I love that the access to my keys is easy, and that the ports are open. The speakers, camera and flash have spaces open in the back. The case is fairly thick. While the case is designed for radiation protection, I can see where it may offer some protection aside of that. It’s not an Otterbox, Ballistic, or Trident case, but this case has your health in mind more so than the phone.

My reception hasn’t been compromised and I actually have found myself using this case more often than other cases that I have. The only thing I have yet to test out on the case is NFC. The case seems a tad bit thick and appears to have a slight cushion of space between the back of the phone and the case, so I’m wondering if share by NFC would be affected, my guess is that it would. I’ll have to try that out later.

I like the style of the case in the back with the arrow like shape and the brand on it. It’s both stylish and useful. Great for those who are concerned about SARS and the ratings, and perfect even for the business person as it’s not girly or manly, just professional. It lets the BlackBerry Bold’s beauty shine through but it’s also a nice sense of security knowing that I have more protection from my phone’s energy.

Here are the CNET cell phone radiation levels for RIM: CNET

If you are looking for a stylish case that has your health and safety in mind, look no further. Pong Research has the only case that is the first patented solution proven in Federal Communication Commission (FCC) – certified laboratories to dramatically reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation (“EMR”) exposure while protecting phone performance.

For more information, and to truly understand how testing works, I encourage you to check out the article by Wired Magazine when they went Inside A Cellphone Radiation Lab to witness the testing. The article is extremely informative and I’m sure will be of interest.

Check out the cases at Pong Research, and while BlackBerry devices aren’t the only phones they make cases for, they’re worth checking out and if you purchase a case or two, you definitely will find yourself very content with the case. There’s no need to worry about SAR with Pong in the house. Please don’t judge me on my choice of background, my BlackBerry is my baby and it gets very pampered. Has anyone else checked out the Pong cases? What do you think of it? Have you ever heard of the SAR ratings or thought about it? Share your comments with us.


Purchase your Pong case by Pong Research and find out more here


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