The BlackBerry Durability Testing For BlackBerry Smartphones Videos

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Inside BlackBerry posted three great videos showing how BlackBerry smartphones are tested before release. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, these videos are chattering away! The testing is really interesting, as you watch them test with liquid, dropping, and even bend with pressure (such as if it were in your pocket), check it out…

The videos are displayed and narrated by Ryan, a Hardware Engineering Director in the Support Lab for Research In Motion. It’s really intriguing to view how the phones are tested and how durable they are, and what they’re put through to earn the stamp of approval. It’s important to the team that your BlackBerry fits the high standards since it is your communication lifeline.

After each test, they also check the readings of the digital readings of the phone which is the picture above.

Check out the water/liquid testing in this video:

That’s a 9360 dropped into colored water and it’s called a “Moisture Ingress Test”. It’s one of the most important tests and they check it after to be sure it still works. The water is colored so they can see how it affects the seal and how they can improve the next models.

That’s a BlackBerry Smartphone Drop Test. This is the excerpt from Ryan:

“Every BlackBerry smartphone model gets dropped hundreds of times before the hardware is deemed strong enough for mass production and consumer use. When dropped, the BlackBerry smartphone is filmed using high-speed cameras for review and analysis that could lead to revisions in hardware design to make the device stronger and more durable. Every design revision is then tested to make sure it can endure consumer use – whether that’s on a construction site, in the boardroom, or downtown with your friends.”

That’s a BlackBerry Curve dropped at 2000 frames per second. When you drop your BlackBerry, rest assured it’s been tested to stand that drop and more. Now from a two story window or higher….hmm, that’s another story.

This last one shows the bend test of a BlackBerry Smartphone. It’s so that they can see how much pressure the BlackBerry device can withstand as if it were in your pocket and being bent as if sitting on it. This video was filmed using Ryan’s BlackBerry PlayBook.

They also mention other tests such as shocking your BlackBerry with Electrostatic Discharge or ESD, to make sure the sensitive internal components are protected. Nice to know that your phone won’t be shocked and die easily. Check out the entire article at Inside BlackBerry here.

What do you think of the testing? Is there any other testing you’d like to see?

[via: Inside BlackBerry]

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