Show Me The Images by Kisai Labs Lets You View Your Email Images Easily

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Kisai Labs create some really great apps, Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook being one of our favorites. Show Me The Images is an app that takes your email and loads the pics the way you want them, instead of having to take two or more steps. Check it out….

Kisai Labs really impressed us with Blaq for our PlayBooksas the excellent Twitter app, and Show Me The Images is an app for your BlackBerry device that will make you wonder what you ever did without it. It also is a regional winner of the BlackBerry Super Apps Challenge.

Remember when you first got your BlackBerry, and in setting up the options for email you may even have checked for pictures to be downloaded automatically. I know I did. But even so, when an email comes in, there’s little x’s or blackberry symbols for the missing pictures and you have to go to the menu button, click Get Images and then agree to the fact that downloading the picture(s) etc. which you agree to, then wait.

This is where Show Me The Images comes in. This app literally takes those extra steps out of the way. You install it, then by default it’s set on a Safe List which you create as you go. Click on the icon and Basic Options comes up. It has Show Images For: None, All, Safe List, or All w/BlockList. You determine what you want. You have the option to Download only on WiFi, for Attachments and the size. Thereafter, all you need to do is decide who’s on the SafeList as you go, or set it to All unless you want to approve one by one.

If you’re tired of jumping through hoops to download the images, you really need Show Me The Images which is available in the BlackBerry App World for only $1.99.

Purchase Show Me The Images for $1.99 from BlackBerry App World here


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