Shakira Claims Near Attack By Seal and Blames Her BlackBerry

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Shakira posted on her Facebook and Twitter about her close encounter with a seal. Shakira was on vacation and got a little too close for comfort to a seal. Fox News Latino posted the news earlier and what’s even more funny is that she suspects her BlackBerry. I’m serious, check it out…

It’s no secret that Shakira loves her BlackBerry. The latin singer has been seen several times with it. This story is a little different. Shakira was on vacation, and apparently her brother accompanied her. She was enjoying taking pictures of the seals and decided to get closer than the other tourists and got closer on the rocks to try and pet and talk baby talk to them. According to Shakira, one seal jumped out of the water quickly and got within a foot away from her. She was so scared she couldn’t move and the seal roared at her. She believes it tried to bite her and her brother whom she referred to as “Super Tony” jumped in to save her. She conveys that she thought perhaps the seal saw her taking pictures with her BlackBerry and thought it was a fish.

Funny that she would have to bring up food and the BlackBerry as the reason for the encounter (Check out the name of her album above). Perhaps the seal appreciated looking at her, perhaps the seal was offended by the baby talk, or perhaps she was too close to the group. Maybe she was sporting her perfume and the seal wanted to get a closer scent. Who knows, but I highly doubt that it was the BlackBerry. I think the BlackBerry has received enough blame and negative press, and there is a moral to the story.

There’s a reason they caution tourists to stay a distance from wild animals. Much like they caution to stay away from wild geese or even domestic geese. She wanted to get closer and you know what they say…”Be careful what you wish for…”

You can read her account of the encounter on Facebook here.

[via: Fox News Latino & Facebook]

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  • Paul Deans


    BlackBerry really will be the scape goat for just about anything!!! Lol


  • rezn

    That’s pretty funny. Glad I read this one. But I’m thinking she’s a west coster. These people over here blame everyone & their babies for why they do stupid things! Btw it took me living in NJ (east coast) to realize I too was a blame shifter! :p