RIM Unleashes New Be Bold Campaign Commercials Promoting Actions and Tools

February 2, 2012 | By | 1 Comment

I’m really impressed by the amount of advertising RIM is placing out there, and these commercials carry some great lines such as “I’m about Action, not Distraction” or “We need Tools, not Toys”. It’s nice to see some commercials about different professions and how they use their BlackBerry. Check it out….

The first commercial you are introduced to BlackBerry Advocates, ┬áthe Martinez brothers who are Global DJ’s and music producers. They talk about how they use their BlackBerry devices and that they need tools, not toys.

The second commercial introduces you to BlackBerry Advocate, John Hansburg, a food buyer for celebrity chefs. He too talks about how he uses his BlackBerry in his daily business, and also says he’s about action, not distraction.

I’m sure you’ve seen this one, as it’s been on for a while on the airwaves, but it’s really impressive. RIM deserves Kudos for putting so much effort into the advertising that we haven’t seen in a while, great job RIM! What do you think about the videos so far?

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  • Ringaleavio

    Like seeing real, attractive, successful people talking about their need for the kind of communication Blackberry provides!! Good job, keep it up……..