BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Launches with Native Apps, Android App Player and More…

February 21, 2012 | By | 6 Comments

It’s been a long time coming and I’m happy to report that RIM has finally launched the major BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update. This new update brings much needed features like built-in email, contacts, and calendar,¬†integrated¬†social networking for Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, updated BlackBerry Bridge with awesome features like remote control, which allows you to use your BlackBerry smartphone as a keyboard and mouse for your PlayBook, Android App Player, which will allow developers to port over Android apps to the PlayBook,¬†stereo Bluetooth, updated Keyboards, and finally Open On, which allows you to instantly open pictures or documents from your BlackBerry smartphone on your PlayBook tablet within seconds. The entire update takes about 20-25 minutes or so (depending on internet connection) at nearly 500MB. If you haven’t been notified of the update yet go to your settings and check for updates. You can read more about the new PlayBook OS 2.0 update here.

So you tell us — What is your favorite feature of PlayBook OS 2.0?

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  • bede

    Non so far… Can’t sync contacts with my pc or bb.

  • Susan

    After the update, you must go into the settings, and go to accounts. Add in your emails and this will sync your contacts and calendar.

  • Yarga57

    Initial impression favourable synced my Google accounts no problems.

  • Acuvic

    I like using the playbook for reading ebooks. Kobo a very pleasing app for this but the Adobe pdf reader provided is prehistoric in its lack of any features. With a long ebook, it does not remember where you’ve got to, so you have to search through the book each time. In the end I side loaded repligo – a brilliant app for reading pdfs.

    The rendering of youtube is also excellent. Playbook probably has the best sound from its speakers as far as tablets are concerned. Useful if you don’t feel like pluging in the headphones. If you’re into puzzles like me, you will never have to buy a puzzle book again – many puzzle apps are available.

    So a big thumbs up for the playbook

  • apple886

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  • friv

    Great. I love blackberry