Infinite, Free Theme From PZ design, Infinitely Bright and Fun

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With the Chinese New Year, the latest theme by PZ design Infinite has been released. The theme is for BlackBerry OS v 4.6 to OS v6.0. ¬†This theme is bright, icons large, and it’s free! If you have OS 4.6 to OS 6.0, this is one theme you’ll want to check out.

Here are some highlights of the theme.

The homescreen has a radial background as a default with circle icons.

The Battery and Signal icon is made into a line and¬†corresponding number. It’s another way to view your BlackBerry’s status. The time and date is display in the center of your screen. This theme has a version for OS 6 as well. . The homescreen is a bit changed but the OS 6.0 style is preserved so you can enjoy the OS 6 features.

You can also enjoy the shortcuts by this theme when you turn off Dial From Homescreen. Number 1-9 corresponding to the first to ninth app in your app screen, though that features isn’t included for those with OS 6.0.

The battery and signal icon is also changed in the app screen. And as you can see, all the icons are changed to a new set. The unread notification is limited to only one item for the artistic effect.

You can find the OTA downloads according to device and OS at the following link:

Infinite from PZ design, OS 4.6 to OS 6.0 free here

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