How #TeamBlackBerry Plans to Be Bold in 2012: The Infographic

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For Dick Clark’s Rockin New Year’s Eve, BlackBerry asked #TeamBlackBerry on Twitter and Facebook what their New Year Resolutions were and to share them so they could be streamed on Giant Billboards on Times Square. 35,000 resolutions were streamed and the BlackBerry team saw the patterns and categories stand out. This infographic of The Bold Team is the result.

While some thought it was a new advertising idea, it actually was just a fun way to present the information and how it came through. It’s actually pretty clever to see the four groups:

GoGo Girl: The Achiever (31%)

  • Clever, resourceful and a bit random.

Max Stone: The Adventurer (27%)

  • He’s tough, proud and a little wild.

Justin Steele: The Advocate (24%)

  • He sticks up for his friends, is outgoing and kind.

Trudy Foreal: The Authentic (18%)

  • She’s inquisitive, cautious and unabashedly charming.

Check out the Inside BlackBerry Blog and look at the infographic and share with us which profile you fall under.

[via: Inside BlackBerry]

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