HOT: Get Organized Easily With The Presta Giveaway!

February 2, 2012 | By | 5 Comments

Chris from Karta Mobile Inc., let us know about Presta and it’s been an app we’re very impressed with. It’s lightweight and easy to use, making management so much easier. Presta is available in the BlackBerry App World, but this week we have ten copies to giveaway. What’s the catch?

First we have the features of the app:

  • Organize all your outstanding to-dos by project
  • Order your tasks with the VolumeUp/VolumeDown keys of your BlackBerry® keypad
  • Stylish touchscreen interface lets you perform all common actions with a tap on the screen
  • Delegate lists or projects with a click of a button
  • Fast iterative search lets you quickly find the task you are looking for
  • Presta also syncs with your native Tasks app.

Presta is available in the BlackBerry App World with a free trial for a week, or for purchase for only $2.99 while on sale, but is normally $4.99. We appreciate our readers, and something we haven’t had in a while is a contest. We’ve missed them and want your our readers to know how much we value your visits. Karta Mobile Inc., was kind enough to give us ten copies.  So here are the rules of the giveaway.

The first qualification for the contest will be a BlackBerry running OS 5.0 or higher.

The second qualification for the contest is that we need you to leave a comment with the following:

We’re in the first half of the new year and we know it can be busy. We want to know how the Presta by Karta Mobile Inc will help you organize your work/life balance. Tell us what a crazy schedule you’re trying to maintain, or what projects you’re working on. We want to help you out, just tell us how much of a help we’re going to be.

Any comments without the hustle and bustle will be overlooked. The contest will end in a week from today.

And last, please give a shout out to Karta Mobile Inc.

Good luck to our readers and let the comments begin!

You can download the Presta Trial or puchase Presta for $2.99 from BlackBerry App World here


Contest has been closed and the winners have been notified. Thanks so much to our readers who entered.

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  • overworked/under paid

    Crazy schedule? Nah working, 60 hours a week trying to get my business off the ground , driving my son to swimming, guitar lessons and karate. Then on top of it all my wife has me renovating the bathroom. Then when I have a second I might be able to attend a bear league hockey game or two a week, Busy? Nah just another day in the hood for me!

  • Daqie

    Honestly I don’t think my schedule is any crazier than the average NYer. But I do have quite a number of doctor appointments since I have two chronic illnesses, one of which is lupus. With the lupus I often suffer from lupus fog or “brain fog” which causes me to often forget things. Presta would be a godsned with the lupus fog. It would mean no more missed dr. appointments because I plain forgot. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Ecgorgeous

    With this app I could tell you that with a schedue like mine where working 40 hours a week, taking 2 classes that run its full course in 6 weeks, spending time doing homework and lastly trying to get all my projects in on time is a hustle!! I have been like this for over a year now and I have been missing deadlines. With this app, I am sure to have all my schedule down and also have time to not think about projects until told so! Yes, this app would be great to own and win! Thanks!!

  • Vivian

    I’d love to win this app. With work, wife’ng (yes, I made that up but as a working mom and wife it really should be a word. Lol) and managing kids schedules plus studying for licenses needed for work I need all the help I can get. I often remember things that need to be done while commuting to work and could organize the todo’s on the train. Heck I even type notes walking through NYC (it’s a horrid habit). I’d love to be able to see by project or grouping where I am in terms of completion, what’s left to do, and when I can get a breather in lol.
    Thanks blackberrysync and Karta mobile for this contest!

  • apple886

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