ExSafe for Docs2Go – Create Your Business Database and Empower Docs2Go

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We’d like to introduce ExSafe by ExSafe Ltd, an application every small and medium business should invest in. The app allows you to power up your Docs2Go and give a common database to all users, BlackBerry or pc users alike, with a low cost annual subscription. Check it out…

Tony from ExSafe let us know about the application. I’m always being asked by various business owners for apps such as this. It enables collaboration between users through a common file/folders view with version and access control at the file level. What I really like about it is that it works great with the Docs2Go that comes free with OS 7.0. All the content you manage in the cloud from the phone. It avoids having to purchase a server or buy complicated software.

Here’s the description from BlackBerry App World:

“ExSafe for Docs2Go permits your business to create a common database for documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint , pdf and text which is securely accessible by other BlackBerry® or PC users in your business. It uses the installed Documents to Go product on your BlackBerry®. This means that you and your colleagues always have access to the most up to date content and allows the editing or creation of that content when on the road. In fact ExSafe for Docs2Go can provide a business workgroup without ever using a PC or Server. It is available on a low cost annual subscription service with your content securely stored in the cloud on a world renowned and trusted platform.

This is using your BlackBerry® as a computing device and seamlessly integrates with the installed Documents to Go product, providing a file view in the cloud that others can see as if part of a traditional computer network. Start today and create a workgroup for your business and add colleagues easily to increase productivity.”

In case you’re wondering, the annual subscription fee is only $19.99. Not bad for everything it supplies. The pictures you see are ExSafe Explorer on the desktop. This shows the same folder structure across both platforms, Unlike other competitors, they don’t offer a sync to PC service as everything is in the cloud – but there’s an offline version they offer. It’s not about storage, it’s about collaboration. All users no matter where they’re located on the globe, all in collaboration with the cloud on the device. Your business can be located anywhere and you are able to use this app with efficiency and find the value in it, and avoid the headaches and hassles of other software. They say we’re heading into an era where smartphones and tablets will be dominant, and with this app the use of a pc isn’t even necessary. Check out the video and if you’re impressed, you can head on over to BlackBerry App World for it.

This video is an earlier version, but it gives you the general idea of how it works and how to use it.

 You can purchase ExSafe for Docs2Go for $19.99 from BlackBerry App World here

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