BlackBerry PlayBook Makes Guest Appearance In Upcoming 7500 Movie

February 4, 2012 | By | 2 Comments

Thanks to Alex Kinsella on Twitter, I was able to catch this one. The movie will be haunting flight 7500 August 2012 and the BlackBerry PlayBook has a guest appearance in the trailer. The supernatural thriller is by the director of the Grudge, and is about a flight with 273 passengers that is from LA on a ten hour flight to Tokyo in the evening. But they’re not alone. Check it out.

The movie looks creepy and I would expect nothing less than that from this director. The official movie website is really eerie with the airline seat and the “dvd” player playing the preview. Check out the IMDB and official website at the following links:

7500 on IMDB

7500 Movie/Official Movie Website

One question….which game is the passenger playing when the stewardess asks him to turn off the BlackBerry PlayBook?

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