BlackBerry DevCon Europe 2012, Alec Saunders Shares App World Stats

February 8, 2012 | By | Add a Comment

Alec Saunders came out to share the App World Stats. I have to say, it’s looking very good. App World is the second most profitable App Store, second only to Apple. There are over six million daily downloads from App World and here’s the breakdown…

  • 6 million daily downloads in App World which is about 180 per month
  • That translates into 2.4 apps per user per month or about 29 a year on average
  • Over 2 billion downloads total reached in January 2012
  • BlackBerry users download more paid apps on average than Android users do(Yankee  Group)
  • BlackBerry apps generate 40% more revenue than Android apps (Vision Mobile)
  • 13% of BlackBerry developers made $100,000+ from BlackBerry App World apps, considerably more than Android or Apple developers (Evans Data Corp)
That’s some very good information and interesting as well. If you’re a developer, this is great news! If you’re an aspiring BlackBerry developer, it’s good info to know and should be even more inspiring. Also, Alec wore a red t-shirt that said “Keep Calm And Be Bold”. It added a very nice and casual touch. It was a very personable look with the blazer and a great delivery of information. Thanks Alec!

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