BeBuzz by Bellshare GmbH Updates to v5.0.26 With Fixes

February 4, 2012 | By | 2 Comments

BeBuzz has been my favorite customizing alert app for my BlackBerry, even it was formerly known as BerryBuzz. The app has several ways to customize your alerts, and is available in the BlackBerry App World. You can make it buzz, light up different colors for contacts and apps with ringtones, or on silent. What’s new?

The following is the changelog:

  • Fixed contact LEDs not working while in free/unlicensed mode
  • Fixed coverage indicator not working while in free/unlicensed mode

If you currently have BeBuzz, then the upgrade is free. If you haven’t checked it out, I really encourage you to see what you think. I like it because I can see which of my contacts are trying to reach me when my BlackBerry is on silent profile, or can see my emails or texts LED alerts. You decide whether you want none, one, two, or disco patterns to alert you.

Purchase BeBuzz v5.0.26 for $5.99 from BlackBerry App World here or upgrade free

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  • Just Me

    That would be great if they would fix all thissues before making everyone pay. BBM™ notifications till don’t always work & have to do battery pull frequently if you want them too. Also Bellshare not helpfull.

  • Susan

    Just Me,

    What type of BlackBerry with what OS do you have? I know I haven’t had any issues with the BeBuzz on my BlackBerry 9930. Only sometimes if I can’t get to my alerts right away, the alert LED will still blink, and all I have to do is open the BeBuzz icon and it’s fine. I’m wondering if it’s OS or device related, or perhaps memory app storage