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It seems as though RIM and BlackBerry have been getting the brunt of the comments and jokes for a while now. Robert Scoble posted on Google + how he sees that developers are deserting the platform and comparing RIM to a chicken with its head cut off, but Alec has some insight as well.

When I think of RIM/BlackBerry, I think of three things primarily. One, email. It does email like no one else and the reputation was built on that. Two, security. I love the way even Bluetooth must ask permissions. Android is open and less secure and iOS and Apple are very proprietary. BlackBerry is the security and the convenience in one device. Three, BBM. It’s been one of the strong points a BlackBerry has.

That’s not to say RIM hasn’t seen troubles and they’re in the clear. They have had some major changes, from the new CEO to VP’s and teams that have been putting themselves out there for both developers and consumers alike. They are making strides, changing up the game, and putting more effort than ever into their lineup. They are not yuppies who are unseasoned or inexperienced. Not by far. They all have their experiences in other companies and know where the real tasks lay.

Alec gave in great detail, an answer to Robert’s theory. This is the excerpt of the post:

” There’s no money, Robert, in being just another undifferentiated Android handset.”

I believe that if we did nothing, the world would unfold as Robert said.  But we’re not doing nothing. We’re running successful events, seeding devices, and building up evangelism teams across the globe.  No doubt, it’s a fight, but we’re focused on retaining our existing developers and growing our ecosystem.

We’ve got two key weapons in that fight.

Open Standards.  After iOS and Android, the next thing developers are focused on is HTML5, because they’re looking for a solution that will let them target multiple handset vendors, not just one.  RIM has, hands-down, the best implementation of HTML5 in mobile today.  PlayBook OS 2.0 benchmarks better than any other mobile implementation (just point your PlayBook at, and better than every desktop browser, except Chrome 16. It also includes WebGL for accelerated 3D graphics, and with WebWorks, we can free HTML5 code from the browser, let you upload it to AppWorld, and turn that HTML5 website into a revenue generating HTML5 application.  How ‘bout them apples?

For those that really want performance, PlayBook OS and our upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS are POSIX operating systems that you program with C and C++. Another open standard, with over 30 years of code written that’s compliant.   As one blogger recently wrote, Cross Platform Begins With C.

Soon we’ll add our secret sauce – a graphical UX framework called Cascades.  Stay tuned for that!

Open Communities.  One of the things that we’ve worked hard at is to embrace communities of developers.  So, you can build applications on our platforms using Flash, Android, gaming frameworks like Marmalade, Unity, and Shiva3d, open source like Qt, Boost, Cocos2dx, scripting languages like Lua, and so on.  If you’ve got a code base that you’d like to bring to BlackBerry, we want to help.

Open Source, Open Communities, and Open Standards like HTML5, C and C++ running on a POSIX framework.  What’s more mom and apple pie than that?”

Speaking of Cascades, there is a video from the DevCon which shows the beauty of Cascades as a Cookbook app. I love the way The Astonishing Tribe/RIM has been applying their creativity. I would love to have a cookbook app such as the one in the video. I was really impressed by it. Check it out…

I don’t believe for a minute that RIM is going to go under. Other companies have been in the same place at some point, and the strong survive. I believe that RIM will do the same. The release of OS 2.0 is a testament for me to that. It’s beautiful, it’s stunning, it’s intuitive, and it’s only the beginning. What are your thoughts about it? Are there any developers out there who care to add a comment? We’re curious to know what you think.


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