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February 2, 2012 | By | 3 Comments

Since I have my Bold 9930 with OS 7.1, finding themes has been a little bit more of a challenge, but finding themes that don’t get quirky is even harder. Especially since Theme Builder 7 isn’t available yet. Seven Point Five is one theme I’ve yet to see glitch. Check it out…

Seven Point Five is available in the BlackBerry App World for only $.99 for BlackBerry devices OS 7. It mimics the design of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2, and runs smooth. I normally do a battery pull after installing a theme. In fact, with most themes I’ve encountered lately, after a few battery pulls it starts to glitch. Not so with Seven Point Five.

The homescreen banner is small writing but it includes everything clearly. From left to right it has the battery, alarm symbol, date, time, the NFC symbol, the bridge symbol, the bluetooth symbol, coverage and bars. The next bar is the profile and search bar. The icons are very familiar, but I really am impressed with how the folders are. They hold the apps and have pictures illustrating the contents.

The media player is impressive as well. I’ve arranged my apps and had a few battery pulls and no rearranging has been necessary yet. I like the dark leather looking background and the notice that as soon as the Theme Builder 7 is released, it will be updated. This theme lets me dream about OS 2.0 for my BlackBerry PlayBook while I’m anxiously waiting it’s release!

The description from App World is as follows:

Seven Point Five has been meticulously designed and built to offer your BlackBerry the very best look. Seven Point Five pulls inspiration from right across the BlackBerry range, with icons and folders mimicking the PlayBook OS2 style, to the stylish BBMMusic skin for the media player this is a theme that just feels perfect on your BlackBerry. Other custom items include a small banner so you can see your wallpaper far better, a custom blue LCD display inside the calculator to match the blue highlight keys, the ability to add custom folders that keep the look of the theme throughout, a fully themed application banner, with custom battery wifi and signal meters within all apps and a stunning metallic background for the compass too.

You can purchase Seven Point Five from BlackBerry App World for $.99 here for your BlackBerry OS 7 device

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  • http://twitter.com/brandonbartels Brandon Bartels

    I like it! Just downloaded the P9981 and about to see if it works but I think I may purchase this for sure. :)

  • http://www.berryfication.com/ rezn

    This is my favorite BlackBerry 7 theme. & I’ve tried a few. :)

  • Mweine

    App world says it’s unavailable for my device. BB9810