Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Bold 9930 and BlackBerry Torch 9850 Get OS 7.1 Bestowed

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Finally the updates have arrived. While there are three ways to install the update on your phone, it’s all about how comfortable you are. I learned one thing, if you have quite the few apps on your BlackBerry, you might want to consider backing up and freshly install. Here’s the scoop…

The updates began rolling out to the BlackBerry devices on Monday in the later evening. One thing to keep note of, if you’re planning on doing the OTA install, please keep your app room in mind. I have so many apps that the update froze because of low app memory and I had to nuke and reinstall. I had to actually reinstall twice. A second time was necessary because of the phone app not installing on the phone. It was odd to me not to be able to receive or make calls. But it’s perfectly running now.

What does 7.1 bring to the Verizon Wireless handsets?

Device Features

  • Device will no longer repeatedly indicate that new software has been installed.
  • Device will no longer reset while connected to a charging source.
  • Device displays the correct wireless service provider while making calls or
  • sending text messages.
  • While in a global roaming condition, connect to a previously registered CDMA
  • network without experiencing lengthy search periods.
  • Improvements in home screen responsiveness and reduced touch screen lockups.
  • No longer experience delays in audio reception or unexpected call termination.
  • Improvements in device stability during Push to Talk calls.
  • Device will no longer restart unexpectedly when making a Push to Talk call to a
  • newly created group.
  • Improvements to audio quality during playback for audio files downloaded using
  • the V CAST application.
  • The zoom in and zoom out function on the browser application renders the
  • page properly.
  • When downloading an application, the device will display the correct number of
  • bytes being downloaded.
  • Device now supports Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS).
  • Device now supports Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot (MHS).

Email & Messaging

  • Duplicate text messages will no longer display in the Messaging application.
  • Improvements in Visual Voice Mail.

I know that most of us were anxious for the hotspot to come to our BlackBerry devices. All in all, I have to admit that this new update is really nice. I have no complaints and love my BlackBerry even more. I still wish that Amazon’s Kindle app would be available, but I suppose you can’t win them all.

For the list of what the update brings, click here for the pdf


There are three ways to install the update. The first and easiest being OTA which you can find by going into Options/Device/Software Updates. The second being the over the web updating which you can use without the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Open Internet Explorer on the pc, then you go to the BlackBerry Update page here, then click on update, the loader comes up, you connect your BlackBerry device, and it finds there’s an update, and installs. The third method is my preferred method (primarily because I like to “clean out” what I don’t use and remove it from the OS prior to install). The third method requires that you go to the Verizon Wireless update site here, and click on whether you need personal or enterprise, then download the OS to your PC (the instructions on the bottom half of the page), then run. The OS is now ready for you to install on your BlackBerry after you have run and installed the updated OS on the pc.

For more concise directions, read the directions pdf from Verizon Wireless with instructions and photos here.

Be sure and back up your device first. What’s your preferred updating method and why?

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  • Fundas iPhone

    Nice Post!!! Updating 7.1. in my Torch… :)

  • Anonymous

    i did the OTA install and lost my phone! app as you indicated. I’ve done the 3rd method you indicated and it did not fix the problem. I am pretty frustrated. I really like my 9930 and my playbook, but this is stupid. Any suggestions? Verizon is already sending me a replacement phone, but I would rather fix the one I have… I’m surprised the tech rep at Verizon was not as informed as you.

  • Anonymous

    so now I’ve tried another method of upgrading, which is via the desktop OS. i downgraded back to OS7 and then upgraded back via desktop. it was far faster than OTA, but it didn’t work either. that is, it seemed to work until i restored my phone data and settings. i’m wondering if i custom restore only the data and apps if that will work. this is a fail for RIM. it shouldn’t be this difficult to upgrade to the new OS.

  • Susan

    Wipe the phone, and install via the web loader, this is how I was able to load everything on. I did get an error to reload software which the web loader did and it worked the third time. Give it a try, mine has worked perfect since the reload.

  • Susan

    In all due honesty,many BlackBerry users back their data up from their BlackBerry and do a complete wipe to install the new OS. I may do that from now on because it works great with a fresh start.