UberSocial v1.3 and the Sherlock Holmes 2 Theme by UberMedia

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UberSocial, formerly known as UberTwitter, has been the alternative Twitter app for BlackBerry users aside of those lucky enough to have a SocialScope account. UberSocial has some unique features, including themes and the latest one is Sherlock Holmes 2. UberSocial is a great Twitter app that will also post to Facebook. If you love Sherlock Holmes, check it out…

There’s quite the unique features that UberSocial has, and the latest updated version is v1.3. What’s new?

  • Integrated with BBM, you can now set your BBM status or personal message to your last tweet, requires BlackBerry OS version 5.0 or higher.
  • You can save and restore draft tweets from the compose screen.
  • Reworked the login mechanism with Twitter to avoid some issues.
  • Added the ability to turn off the global ‘Uber Tweet’ menu item
  • Fixed bug in mypict.me upload which could cause the app to lock up.
  • Fixed bug in keyword muting where you couldn’t include a ‘#’ at the beginning of the keyword.
  • Fixed bug where UberChannel background images were getting their corners rounded.
  • Changed the link color in the red and pink themes to be more readable

In order to install and use the UberSocial Theme Sherlock Holmes 2, you have to install UberSocial first. Then you install the Sherlock Holmes 2 theme, then go into UberSocial’s settings and go to themes and choose Sherlock Holmes. Now the Sherlock Holmes 2 Theme. The theme is a free download, and with it has a special sound when sending a tweet. You hear “Make it count!” Followed by “I’d say that counts.” Your tweet will be branded from Sherlock Holmes 2. It’s fun and the background is Watson and Holmes. If you look at the icons on the top, it has all the tabs for anything you’d want to find, including the homepage of the movie.

If you haven’t tried UberSocial lately, give it a try. I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed at the very least. And the Sherlock Holmes theme is definitely worth installing UberSocial. You’ll love the alert as well, instead of the classic U, it’s SH for Sherlock Holmes. It’s another fun way to customize your BlackBerry with flair.

Download the UberSocial for BlackBerry v1.3 here

Download the UberSocial Sherlock Holmes 2 Theme for UberSocial here

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