The Official Wireless Mini Keyboard With Touchpad for the BlackBerry PlayBook Arriving Soon!

January 26, 2012 | By | Add a Comment

Thanks to the BerryReview Team, we get to see the upcoming BlackBerry Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard that includes a touchpad we’ve been waiting for with some details. I can’t wait for this one. What features can we look forward to with this accessory? Check it out…

Features include:

  • Both a keyboard and a touchpad
  • Can last up to 30 days on a charge
  • Comes with a case that folds over your PlayBook
  • Multitouch touchpad with one finger left click and two finger right click (for remote desktop apps)
  • Mouse scrolling with two fingers on the touchpad
  • Charges via MicroUSB

I love that the keyboard comes with a case and a trackpad, making it a mini workstation. The new 2.0 PlayBook OS will also allow you to use your phone as the keyboard and the mouse with remote, but I can type much more quickly on a keyboard than using my BlackBerry device. Be sure to head over to the BerryReview to check out all the slides.

Who has a BlackBerry PlayBook and who’s adding this to their list of things to get?

[via: BerryReview]

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