TechCrunch’s Interview (Interrogation) With RIM

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I know we’ve fallen a bit behind in the coverage of CES, but one thing that did really irritate me was the TechCrunch interview. It shows some people truly believe that ignorance is bliss. Some media is being quick to criticize and paint an illusion, sharing only the negative points instead reporting of the whole story. So what is this interview anyways?

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(Go to the 40 mark to start watching). The smug faces and the way the two “reporters” Andrew Keen and Jordan Crook acted juvenile, reminding me of an MTV show (I kept waiting for Steve O and Bam Margera to show up). Alex Kinsella was nice enough to answer questions, despite the immature comments and questions they asked setting him up. If these two “reporters” did their homework, they would have perhaps asked real pertinent questions.

No one is saying RIM hasn’t had a few bumps in the road, ┬ábut I think all of us can agree that with the elite powerhorse of the BlackBerry PlayBook and the new OS 7.1, RIM is making strides and taking notes. They’ve come quite a ways in their changes and even in advertising. I don’t play many games, although I do have a few on my BlackBerry PlayBook, but the BlackBerry devices do what I need. They keep me in touch by phone, email, research, and BBM. I don’t need games, I don’t need an open system, I just love the way I can use my BlackBerry and customize it myself.

The interview starts out with Jordan Crook saying all the big companies were on the outside and the smaller companies were inside and RIM was right there with them. They walk to the booth and ask if there’s anyone from RIM who can talk to them, and out comes Alex Kinsella, who works with RIM’s Social Media Team. Andrew Keen kept talking about his iPhone, you have to admire his politeness.The questions are more like an insulting interrogation such as who uses a BlackBerry anymore and that no one that Andrew Keen knows has one (guess they didn’t care about the 75 million subscribers), and then on to “What’s good about BlackBerry? What’s new?” and then commenting on the integrated inbox from the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 that Alex is describing, with Jordan Crook comparing them to a Windows phone. The “interview” is cut short because they are supposedly running out memory. Alex was a true spokesperson and was dignified despite the cynical confrontation he was provided, he handled the matter very well. It would be nice that if they really believe that badly of RIM that they would just not bother the booth at all, I’m sure they had things there they were really interested in seeing.

Why is it that the media isn’t able to focus on what RIM has been doing the last year and on? Why can’t they see the effort and changes that are happening and the new content RIM is bringing in instead of comparing them to the past? Can they not for one week have their eyes and ears open to look and really listen? Or perhaps they have stock in Apple, I don’t know. Whatever the reason or agenda was, we can only guess.

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  • CrackBerry Bla1ze


  • A. Realist

    They’re rude but they’re right. RIM, their hardware and software are light years behind their competitors.

    Ya, ya… “duh… wait ’til BBX… oops… BB10 comes out loser!”.

    I’ve heard it all before fanboys! OS 5 is going to be the best… oh wait… it sucked too. Wait for OS 6. OK, OS 7. OS 7.1… THEY ALL SUCK!!!

    In two years when RIM is out of business you will all be fighting over which platform is the best, iOS, Android or Windows. Deal with it.

    PS – I tried posting this from my 9860 running OS 7.1 and the browser crashed after 2 minutes of watching the spinning clock icon. ( error otherwise known as the GO BUY AN ANDROID PHONE YOU DUMMY!)

    Attack away fanboys. Don’t use your phones though or they’ll probably crash.

  • Leunammi99

    Its sooo sad that you hate Blackberry sooo much but yet u spend time on there sites and u even take time out to Hate…. So so so sad! But I know you’ll be back rocking a Blackberry in two years. Or maybe by the end of this one.

  • Luciano

    Ridiculous Tech Crunch guys…. totally fanboys

  • Shanesyj

    this is one of the most condescending interviews ever. I can see why TechCrunch has transformed into what they are. Also, the TechCrunch crew ought to treat their jobs as just that, not a drunken, forced shitty attitude used as an excuse for their sloppy work. How do they keep their jobs? Oh yeah, everyone else has left the company and these 3 are what’s left. Being complete a holes and then weak attempts at trying to be nice. Simply pathetic behavior and not funny at all. Good luck to you three in the future.