Review: BBMShirts, Wear Your Pin on More Than Your Sleeve

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I had seen BBMShirts quite a bit, but never tried one before. The shirts are nice, come in different colors, and there’s a variety to choose from. I’m going to show you the tshirt, hoodie, and even the temporary tattoos. Check it out…

BBMShirts are the only ones that display your BBM Barcode to be scanned and friends added to BBM right from your wear. Or just wear it to show your love of BBM and BlackBerry. You give your pin when ordering and the Barcode is created from your pin. You’re unique, flaunt the shirt that shows no two BlackBerry pins are ever alike and are as unique as you are.

The way the BBMShirts works is that you choose the style of ¬†your BBM Barcode display of : BBM ME!!!, PING!!! Me Baby, or a custom catch phrase. You can also choose to have a custom Avatar from Jingu displayed. There’s different styles from short sleeves, long sleeves, and hoodies. There’s even temporary tatoos. The pricing is great too. So let’s begin.


I was checking out the BBMShirts site in my quest for something different. I found the prices to be very nice. TShirts are only $20, Long Sleeve TShirts are only $25, and hoodies are only $30. The temporary BBM Tattoos are $15. I set out to try a Tshirt, hoodie, and the BBM tattoos. I ordered my package and it came quickly. For a side note, I’d also like to point out that customer service with BBMShirts is exceptional. The colors available for your shirts are black, white, pink, blue, grey, and red. I would like to see dark or emerald green added to the color lineup as well, only because it’s one of my favorite colors.

When the shirts and tattoos arrived, I anxiously opened the package. The Tshirt is 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It’s very soft and sheer. Directions state to hand wash in cold water (inside out) and do not place in the dryer or attempt to iron it. The hoodie is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It’s very warm and soft to the touch. The hood is warm, the hands pocket section is warm, it’s all around cozy. Directions state to machine wash warm with like colors, tumble dry low, no ironing necessary. For the review, I’m sporting the pink BBMShirt Tshirt, the black hoodie, and of course the temporary tattoos. My package was an envelope of 15 temporary tattoos and instructions. They’re easy to apply and wear. But my question now is will the shirts and tattoos scan with the BBM Messenger scanner? Let’s see.

I opened my BBM, went to add contact, and by barcode. The camera came up and sure enough it scans easily with the shirt and hoodie. I was really impressed at the idea and it’s a great conversation piece, but for me it’s also wearing the “I’m proud to show my love of BlackBerry”.

Now to try the temporary tattoos. To apply the tattoos, you clean the skin and dry it where you’re going to apply the tattoo. Next remove the adhesive backing off the clear side, stick on to the skin, then take a warm towel or sponge to the back of the paper and hold for about ten seconds. The finished product is the tatoo. Applying it was easy, but harder to scan because of the shininess of the tatoo. But the tattoo looks nice even if I’m not able to scan. It also stays adhered to the skin until you remove it, which is about a week if you take care of it. The tattoos are a great alternative solution to getting the real thing, especially when pain is a factor.

I really like that you can choose different sayings for your barcode, including making your own. I also love the fact that Jingu apps allows you to even post your avatar on the BBMShirts. I’d like to see BlackBerry’s Avatar be another choice as well. There’s so much you can do with these and it adds to the BlackBerry and BBM pride in a fun way.

All in all, I find the shirts and the hoodies to be a great idea, great for gifts even for yourself. The temporary tats are fun too,

CONS: The only cons I could find are only requests. I’d like to see the BBM Avatars available with the Jingu Avatars, and also have green added to the color lineup. The tshirt is a bit sheer so ladies, be sure to sport a tank or camisole beneath it. The tats were more for show for me than actually being able to have them scanned.

PROS: The price is nice, the Tshirt and hoodie are very soft, the hoodie being very warm. The tatoos were a nice touch as well. For the price, the items are in a great price range and the quality of the materials are great. If you are looking for comfort and style, and having fun with the BBM brand, look no further, it’s all found here.

You can check out the BBMShirts and order your favorite saying, personalized Avatar, or your own catch phrase with your barcode here

The quality and customer service warrant a five star review. Just wait till you check them out. Let us know what you think.

[rating: 5/5]

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