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When I saw that CrackBerry checked out the Toddy Gear booth at CES, I was interested in it. I know I’ve tried the Cyber Clean, the ZAGGwipes, and even Zaggfoam. What is the Toddy Cloth and what makes it so special? Let’s take a look…

The first cleaning product outside of wipes I’ve ever really tried was the CyberClean. CyberClean reminds me of the slime we used to play with as kids. What I like about it is that it’s great for getting dust and dirt out of the tiny crevices and keypad of your devices. But the most important part is that it kills 99.999% of germs, disinfecting your devices. The pros of it are that it doesn’t stick to your hands, there’s no liquid to damage your device, and it traps the dirt, turning green when it needs to be replaced. The residue it leaves behind is a bit of downside for me.


ZAGGwipes are nice and are antibacterial and remove oils, dirt, makeup, fingerprints from your device, but sometimes tend to streak just a bit. That for me, is like cleaning on the go, but I still have a cloth to follow up and dry it quickly to avoid the streaks.

ZAGGfoam is antibacterial, kills germs on contact, removes oils and dirt and prevents oil buildup. It comes as a kit, but I notice I have to use it more often, and again, wipe it good to avoid streaks.



Toddy Smart Cloth can be found in various places online, and Amazon has a good assortment of them. I purchased one, just to see how this would compare to previous methods I’ve tried in cleaning my BlackBerry device and BlackBerry PlayBook.

Toddy Gear has many different styles and colors, and the cloths come in two sizes: 5×7 and 9×9. The prices are $9.99 for the 5×7 and $14.99 for the 9×9. In Amazon, you can find dual packages of the 5×7 for $16.99. Right now on the Toddy Gear site, they have buy two, get one free. So what are the features of this cloth?

Dual-sided cleaning

  • Plush microfiber material on one side to clean and a distinctively patterned silk microfiber on the other side to buff and polish.

Antimicrobial Coating

  • Protected with the AEGIS Microbe Shield® technology, an antimicrobial coating that prevents the spread of germs and bacteria.

Naturally Hydrophilic

  • Absorbs oils, dust and smudges without the need of any messy, damaging sprays.

Distinctive Patterns

  • A variety of vibrant designs and patterns to choose from, adding personality, color and style to your life.

Reusable and Environmentally Friendly

  • Washable, stain and wrinkle resistant, just machine wash cold and tumble dry low.

Brand your Toddy

  • Now you can imprint your Toddy Smart Cloth with your own brand identity, visit toddygearpromos.com for more information.

I purchased the Namaste styled cloth from the Chic E Boutiquee line of Toddy Cloths. I was really happy with the package. It came with it’s own “case” which has the sentence: “Color Your World!” on it.  The box has all the important information about the cloth. The cloth itself has a copper microfiber side edged in yellow, and the beautiful green color with the black floral-like pattern on the other side and is shiny and soft like silk.

I found that the copper side has a real different feel, and it “scrubs” the glass softly without scratching, removing any debris and things stuck on the screen. After wiping the screen, you turn the side over and the soft silky side buffers it and shines the glass. It works really great and I like that it lasts quite a while, but I can also carry it with me conveniently. It’s even fashionable so that I don’t have to look like a true nerd when I’m taking it out. It’s as discreet as an eyeglass cloth, but oh so much nicer.

I really do like the fact it’s washable as well. I’d recommend not using any fabric softener on the cloth, just detergent and rinse well. For companies, it’s a great thought of branding it and using the Toddy Cloth as a gift. They’ll use it often and remember you every time.

My first thought was the cloth was a little pricey, but after using it and finding that it works great on sun and eye glasses, my  BlackBerry devices, BlackBerry PlayBook, so many things. It’s washable and reusable, so I find it’s worth the investment for me.

Head on over to Toddy Gear and purchase your Toddy Cloths here

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