Official FREE BlackBerry Traffic v3.0.0.389 Available in BlackBerry App World, Now Featuring Voice Guidance

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If you haven’t heard about it yet, BlackBerry Traffic is out of Beta via the BlackBerry Beta Zone, and officially available for download in the BlackBerry App World. The most major part of the update is the voice guidance over the speaker that we’ve all been waiting for! What’s new?

Latest features included are:

  • Now featuring voice guidance projected clearly through your device’s speaker, Bluetooth or car system’s input; program it to be as detailed as you want so you have constant direction
  •  Avoid toll routes with alternate route ideas before leaving for your trip
  • Invite others to use BlackBerry® Traffic 3.0 via BBM™
The full updated features are:
  • Voice guidance with high quality AAC audio instructions (set by default but uses more data; can be changed in options)
  • Option to avoid toll roads
  • Improved Bing search results when searching for addresses
  • UI update: Selection from the Route Selection screen that is not Home or Work takes user to the Next Maneuver screen.
  • Fixes to cell geolocation
  • Fixes to using the app when connected to Wi-Fi only.
  • Share a place via BBM.
  • Performance improvement when switching routes
  • Fixes around Arrival detection
  • Reduced battery consumption
  • UI updates
  • Lots of bug fixes

The description from BlackBerry App World is as follows:

With lots of places to go and people to see, planning to get places on time can be a challenge. Thanks to BlackBerry® Traffic 3.0, you can know your estimated time of arrival (ETA) based on current traffic conditions, and find out about alternate routes to avoid hold ups and toll booths. Plus, new voice guidance provides stress-free navigation and allows you to travel completely hands free; with the option to have clear voice instructions come through a Bluetooth headset or your vehicle’s sound system, and deliver turn-by-turn directions if you want them. In fact, you can make them as detailed as you like! Finally, when you know your ETA, you can keep your contacts updated via SMS, email, or PIN so they know when to expect you. Making – and keeping – plans just got a whole lot easier.

I have used BlackBerry Traffic since it was available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone in the beginning. I was really excited to see the voice guidance being added. It works great with the native BlackBerry Maps and it works great for turn-by-turn navigation. If you are using a different paid navigation app, I can’t stress enough to give the BlackBerry Traffic app and see what you think because you’ll definitely be surprised in a good way.

Download the FREE BlackBerry Traffic v3.0.0.389 from BlackBerry App World here

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