inPulse Watch App v3.6.7 by Allerta Now Available in the BlackBerry App World!

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I just saw this newly arrived in the BlackBerry App World, and since I have an inPulse watch I was happy to see it. The app is in the latest version in App World, and trust me, if you have the watch you want to be sure to have the latest version of the app. What does the inPulse App have to do with the watch?

First off, you must have the inPulse watch to use the inPulse app. The description out of BlackBerry App World is as follows:

inPulse is a Bluetooth-enabled watch which lets you receive instant notifications from your Blackberry smartphone. Whenever you get a new email, SMS, phone call or calendar alert, inPulse will vibrate and show the key portion of the message on your wrist.

The app allows many things, and must be loaded onto your watch when you first open it, to load the software onto your watch. After that, you can change alerts and colors, time display and more from your inPulse app. Features are:

  • Push emails, sms, BBM, calendar alerts & caller ID
  • Customize fonts and colors
  • Set filtering options for emails
  • Manage notification/vibration profiles
  • Manage multiple inboxes
  • Download smartwatch apps


The inPulse watch is the smartwatch that works with your BlackBerry or Android device connecting through Bluetooth and the app. You can purchase the inPulse watch in either plain metal for $149 or the stealth black for $199. We’ve shared our review of the inPulse watch, and I do have to add that they have excellent customer service. Everything is answered and resolved promptly. The watch is convenient as well as attracts a lot of attention.

Read more about inPulse and purchase your inPulse watch here in plain metal for $149 or stealth black for $199

If you have the inPulse watch, hurry on over to the BlackBerry App World and download your app there. One of the awesome benefits of downloading your app through BlackBerry App World is that when there’s an update to your app, it comes through App World before the Mobi stores.

Download the free inPulse watch app by Allerta in the BlackBerry App World here

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