Highlights From CES: BlackBerry Porsche 911 Convertible Fitted With BlackBerry and QNX Technology Goodness

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Luke Ryan of BlackBerry interviews Justin from QNX inside the Porsche, and we get to see all the amazing features that are integrated into the vehicle thanks to QNX and BlackBerry working together in unison. Check it out…

Check out the video! The BlackBerry Porsche Carrera that won the Best Of CES Award in Car Tech, this car is a proof in concept car with the new HTML5-based QNX Car 2 Application Platform. CNET has a great article on the car, including the following excerpt:

“The Porsche Carrera that QNX will be displaying at the BlackBerry booth is a proof of concept for the new platform. It will be powered by the QNX CAR 2 platform and cloud-connected via a smartphone–presumably a BlackBerry model. Near Field Communication (NFC) combines with Bluetooth connectivity for hassle-free pairing of the aforementioned smartphone. Once connected, the system can take advantage of QNX’s ultra HD voice technology, which provides 48KHz full stereo bandwidth for clearer, easier-to-understand hands-free calls.”

This is a great highlight of what tomorrow is looking like, and I was really intrigued with Inside BlackBerry’s interview, showing how you can easily Bluetooth your BlackBerry to the car using the NFC, get your email, access the BlackBerry PlayBook devices docked in the back of the front seats so that you can play the music from them, and just how much is brought to the car including navigation and finding your way to your contacts. I was blown away by the car and the features, QNX is taking us places we’ve only begun to think of! What are your thoughts on the Porsche and the QNX/BlackBerry platform? What are you looking forward to the most?

[via: Inside BlackBerry & CNET]


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