“Cut The Rope HD” From ZeptoLab Comes To The BlackBerry PlayBook

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“Cut The Rope” is now available for your BlackBerry PlayBook from BlackBerry App World. The game is both addictive and challenging. The more you play and practice the game, the better you’ll get. The object is to cut a rope, catch a star, and feed the creature Om Nom candy. Sounds easier than it is. Check it out…

The first video I’m going to show you to give you an idea about the game is an interview with Alex Kinsella from Inside BlackBerry and Diana from ZeptoLab. They talk about the motivation of bringing the game to the BlackBerry PlayBook, who created the game, tips for the game, and explaining it briefly.

The second video comes to you from CrackBerry where CrackBerry Kevin and CrackBerry Adam show you the game briefly on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

The game is available for download in the BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook for only $2.99! Great deal for such a fun game, and for that price you can’t beat it.

Grab your copy of Cut The Rope by ZeptoLab for only $2.99 from BlackBerry App World here

[via: Inside BlackBerry & CrackBerry]

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