CHYM 96.7: Appreciation Motion For Research In Motion, Giving Thanks To RIM

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The video CHYM made is a video about “It’s time to say Thank You to RIM” and all that they’ve done for the Waterloo region and more. We also need to remember that while they do a lot for Waterloo, there’s so much to appreciate about RIM.

When we think of RIM, we see the manufacturer, we see the stocks and the media, we may even see the stories about the hockey team Balsillie wanted to purchase. We rarely see the donations, the contributions, or the good that they do outside of the media and the negativity. This video points out a lot. One thing I will also point out is during the 9/11 tragedy, wireless providers contained the network with calls and texts for use by emergency providers only. This is a preventive measure during a situation such as that to prevent the congestion of the lines of communication, and make sure emergency personnel can get through. But the one system that worked for those who had it was BBM. This is one system with BIS that remains unaffected during situations such as 9/11.

Statements from the video:

  • In Haiti people used BlackBerry devices to post their location to Facebook after the earthquake hit.
  • RIM employs thousands of people
  • RIM worked with Craig Killburger in bringing WE day to Kitchener
  • Donated 50 million to the University of Waterloo, to Wilfred Laurier University, the Center for International Governance and Innovation. The donation was described as the Largest ever towards social sciences in Canada.
  • Created the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo.
  • In 2001, Jim and Heidi Balsillie graciously donated $5 million to the One Voice, One Vision campaign. The fundraising campaign raised over $44 million for the local hospitals for major redevelopment projects, including the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre.

They ask that you leave a comment or call 519-570-1500.

I love this way of pointing out the beneficial side of RIM. There’s so much more to a company than just the dollars coming in and the network, it’s also the contributing back and bringing people together. Thank you RIM for all you’ve done and you’ve given back to the community. What do you think? Do you have a personal story in which your BlackBerry has helped you in a personal situation?


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