Update: BlackBerry Traffic v3.0.0.89 Out of BlackBerry Beta Zone Available in BlackBerry App World

December 23, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

The official and free BlackBerry Traffic app has been updating in the BlackBerry Beta Zone and now that very version is available in the BlackBerry App World for everyone to download. What does this version contain? We’re going to share the updates with you, so keep reading for details.

Here’s the previous fixes:

  • *Fixed* Audio guidance directions spoken after user selected “Cancel Destination”
  • *Fixed* “Towards” is pronounced with speaker contracting the “to” instead of “twa”
  • *Fixed* Exit number on road list spoken (when exit number available)
  • *Fixed* “Application not responding” on BlackBerry Storm 9550 SmartPhones
  • *Fixed* Application exiting during a phone call
  • *Fixed* BlackBerry Calendar integration
  • *Improved* Audio guidance and quality improvements
  • *Improved* GPS detection improvements

Latest updates with this version:

  • Now featuring voice guidance projected clearly through your device’s speaker, Bluetooth or car system’s input; program it to be as detailed as you want so you have constant direction
  •  Avoid toll routes with alternate route ideas before leaving for your trip
  • Invite others to use BlackBerry® Traffic 3.0 via BBM™

I don’t know about you, but this has been the version I’ve been waiting for. Over the air directions to accompany the app. I’m really happy with this version, now if more voices could be added, it would be perfect. So if you’ve been looking for a navigation app for your BlackBerry, look no further than BlackBerry App World. Oh, did we mention that it’s free?

Download the latest version of the FREE BlackBerry Traffic from BlackBerry App World here

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